Keiyo Gas Advances Renewable Energy Goals through X-ELIO Partnership


In a significant step towards achieving their ambitious “Carbon Neutral Challenge by 2050,” Keiyo Gas has announced a strategic partnership with X-ELIO for the sale and purchase of the 16 MW Sodegaura PV Plant. The agreement underscores Keiyo Gas’ commitment to investing in renewable energy sources and promoting a sustainable future.


On July 18th, 2023, Keiyo Gas, a prominent Japanese company specializing in the gas and electricity business, joined forces with X-ELIO, a leading global renewable energy project developer. The partnership marks a significant milestone in Keiyo Gas’ pursuit of its announced “Carbon Neutral Challenge 2050,” which was unveiled on April 28, 2022.

The Sodegaura PV Plant, a solar power facility located in the Chiba prefecture of Japan, was connected to the grid at the beginning of 2023. With an impressive capacity of 16 MW, it will play a crucial role in advancing the region’s renewable energy infrastructure.


X-ELIO has an exceptional track record in Japan, having operated in the country since 2012. The company has successfully developed and implemented 392 MW of photovoltaic solar energy projects, making a significant contribution to Japan’s ongoing energy transition.

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Keiyo Gas Energy Solutions Co., Ltd. is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the project. Keiyo Gas, together with its group companies, has announced the “Carbon Neutral Challenge 2050” to achieve a sustainable society. In addition to this investment, it will actively develop renewable energy sources in Japan and overseas, and promote the businesses that contribute to decarbonization and the SDGs.

Under the agreement, Keiyo Gas Energy Solutions Co., Ltd. will assume responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the project. By taking an active role in the renewable energy sector, Keiyo Gas aims to accelerate the development of sustainable energy sources both domestically and internationally. The company is dedicated to supporting businesses that drive decarbonization efforts and align with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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