LONGi and SolarButterfly Join Forces to Promote Sustainable Living as European Journey Reaches a Successful Conclusion


SolarButterfly, a solar-powered concept trailer project initiated by Swiss environmental pioneer Louis Palmer and his team and supported by LONGi, concluded its European tour on June 9th in the United Kingdom. The journey encompassed 27 countries in addition to the UK, including Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy and Spain, covering a total distance of 32,745 kilometres.


Along the way, the SolarButterfly team met with environmental pioneers and hosted over 210 joint events with communities, schools, industry organizations and NGOs. Discussions on climate change, as well as the use of environmental technology, drew the attention and active participation of a wide spectrum of groups, from local communities and students to industry experts.

The SolarButterfly trailer’s one-of-a-kind design allows its body to expand on both sides, converting it from a vehicle to a butterfly with its wings spread. The vehicle enhances solar energy generation by utilizing LONGi high-efficiency solar cells, integrating a solar-powered trailer system with a configurable living area.

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In May 2022, the project team embarked on a four-year global tour starting from Switzerland, spanning over 90 countries and regions, to visit global climate pioneers, conduct offline discussions and share learning experiences, eventually arriving in Paris in December 2025 to mark the tenth anniversary of the signing of the United Nations Agreement on Climate Change.

The journey seeks to promote climate change and environmental conservation awareness by encouraging attendees worldwide to ‘look globally and act locally.’ LONGi, as a global leader in solar technology, is committed to its role as an advocator, practitioner and leader in the sustainable development of clean energy.

As a SolarButterfly partner, the company contributes to the environmental initiative by supplying its proprietary high-efficiency cells and engaging with its local partners to participate in offline events at tour destinations, promoting solar power and a greener, lower-carbon lifestyle.

LONGi will not only continue to invest in R&D and technological innovation in its photovoltaic products and solutions but also plans to continue its partnership with SolarButterfly, motivating individuals to take action and minimize their carbon footprint via the use of green power, to create a sustainable future.

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The trailer has now arrived in Canada and is on its way across North and Central America. It will journey from Canada to the United States, Mexico and beyond, continuing to spread the environmental message of the SolarButterfly to everyone it encounters.

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