Oman Electricity Transmission Company Inaugurates Saih Al-Khairat Station In Dhofar Governorate

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The Oman Electricity Transmission Company (OETC) marked a momentous occasion as they celebrated the inauguration of the Saih Al-Khairat Station in Dhofar Governorate. The event, held under the patronage of Eng. Ahmed Hamed Al-Subhi, Nama Holding’s Chairman, witnessed the presence of Eng. Saleh Al-Rumhi, CEO of OETC, along with esteemed members of the company’s executive management team, Nama Group, as well as employees, contractors, and consultants.


The Saih Al-Khairat Grid Station holds immense significance as a strategic investment for OETC. Its primary goal is to ensure a consistent and reliable energy supply to various sectors, including factories, the agricultural sector, and livestock development farms. Moreover, it addresses the anticipated surge in the demand for electrical energy in Dhofar Governorate.

The Grid Station is equipped with a robust communication infrastructure and advanced security systems. An overhead transmission line, spanning a distance of 91 kilometers, connects the Thamrait Grid Station to the Saih Al-Khairat Grid Station at a voltage of 33/132 kilovolts. Situated 80 kilometers away from the Wilayat of Thamrait, the station comprises six gas-insulated cells at 132 kilovolts, four cells at 33 kilovolts, and two transformers with a capacity of 125 mega-volt-ampere. The total project cost amounted to 14 million Omani rials.

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Eng. Saleh Al-Rumhi, OETC’s CEO, emphasized the strategic significance of this project in connecting rural areas to the electricity network in Dhofar Governorate, ultimately reducing operational costs. He stated, “The implementation of this project aligns with the vision of the Sultanate to achieve carbon neutrality by the year 2050. It is expected to help reduce reliance on diesel fuel for station operations and significantly decrease carbon emissions by approximately 114,000 tons annually.”

OETC, as a member of the Nama Group, serves as the sole company responsible for electricity transmission and control across the Sultanate’s network. The transmission network, operating at a voltage of 132kV and above, covers most of the governorates in the Sultanate. Additionally, OETC manages the interconnection lines between Oman and the GCC interconnection network, operating at a voltage of 220kV. This project marks another step towards Oman’s commitment to sustainable energy solutions and achieving its long-term environmental goals.

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