Jordan’s Renewable Energy Fund Concludes Second Phase Of Solar Cell Installation Program

Representational image. Credit: Canva

The Jordanian Ministry of Energy’s Renewable Energy Encouragement and Energy Efficiency Fund has concluded the second phase of its support program aimed at installing solar cell systems for households.


The program has reached its target number of beneficiaries, and the allocated budget has been exhausted. As a result, the Fund has suspended the second phase of the subsidy program and is no longer accepting requests for solar cell systems through the designated platform.

However, the Fund reassures that the program for installing solar heater systems for homes is still ongoing, and interested parties can access the standards and information about this program on the platform provided at


The announcement for the launch of the new (third) phase of the support program for installing solar cell systems in the domestic sector will be made via the Ministry of Energy and Renewable Energy Encouragement Fund’s social media channels.

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