Renewable Energy Generation in India Witnesses Impressive Growth in June 2023: CEA Report

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The latest data released by the Central Electricity Authority (CEA) highlights a robust surge in India’s renewable energy generation for the month of June 2023, reinforcing the country’s commitment towards sustainable power sources. The report also provides insights into the renewable energy landscape for the April-June 2023 period, offering a comprehensive overview of the nation’s progress in the sector.


Solar Energy

The solar energy segment exhibited remarkable growth, albeit with some disparities in reported figures. While the installed capacity reported to CEA stands at 59,151.07 MW, the actual capacity is a more substantial 70,096.83 MW as of June 2023. Solar energy generation for June 2023 stood at 9,607.58 MU, showcasing a remarkable 16.32% rise from the corresponding month in 2022. The cumulative solar energy generated from April to June 2023 reached 30,702.41 MU, indicating an impressive increase of 20.82% compared to the same period last year.


Wind Energy

India’s wind energy sector continues to thrive, with an installed capacity of 43,524.71 MW. The month of June 2023 saw wind energy generation reach an impressive 11,557.77 million units (MU), marking a notable 19.05% increase compared to the same period last year. However, the April-June 2023 quarter displayed a marginal decrease of 0.35%, generating 23,924.59 MU in comparison to the previous year.

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Overall Renewable Energy Generation

Total renewable energy generation (excluding large hydro) for June 2023 amounted to 36,936.82 MU, marking a commendable 10.45% increase compared to June 2022. During the April-June 2023 period, India generated a total of 94,513.03 MU, reflecting a modest uptick of 0.70% from the corresponding period in the previous year.

Regional Leaders in Solar Energy Generation

The states of Rajasthan, Karnataka, and Gujarat emerged as frontrunners in solar energy generation, contributing significantly to India’s renewable energy output.

Cumulative Solar Energy Capacity and Future Prospects

India reached a significant milestone in its cumulative solar energy capacity, achieving an impressive 70 GW. Moreover, an additional 58 GW of solar energy projects have been proposed, awaiting auction proceedings to further bolster the nation’s solar energy landscape.

Collective Renewable Energy Installations

As of June 2023, India’s collective renewable energy installations, including substantial hydroelectric ventures, surged to a formidable 176.24 GW. This remarkable capacity now accounts for an impressive 41.4% share of the nation’s entire power capacity composition.

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The recent CEA report underscores India’s commendable strides in renewable energy generation, setting the stage for a greener and more sustainable energy future.

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