Syrian President Examines Progress Of New Solar-Powered Station And Manufacturing Facility

Representational image. Credit: Canva

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad conducted a visit to the nearly completed power generation station in Baniyas, Syria, as reported by a Syrian news agency.


This power station is on track to commence operations in the upcoming weeks, initially capable of producing 24 megawatts of electricity, with the potential to eventually reach 56 megawatts.

During his tour, President Al-Assad also examined a newly established Syrian firm specializing in the manufacture of solar panels, located in Latakia. This company has developed sophisticated production lines for crafting essential components for solar energy systems.


He underscored the significance of even minor increases in electricity generation, given Syria’s challenges arising from severe Western sanctions, oil appropriation by the US military, and the aftermath of a war that has devastated its infrastructure.

President Al-Assad further emphasized the critical role of solar energy, both in supplying a fresh energy source for large-scale power stations and in catering to household needs on a smaller scale.

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The Syrian President also surveyed areas in the Latakia countryside, assessing the destruction caused by recent wildfires in the region. The entire Mediterranean region has been encountering hot, arid winds and record-breaking temperatures over the past weeks, resulting in fires akin to the one witnessed in Latakia.

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