AECI Initiates Solar Project At Chem Park To Bolster Sustainability Goals Of South Africa

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JSE-listed chemical conglomerate AECI has successfully implemented a 1 MW solar project at Chem Park, its AECI Chemicals production site in Johannesburg. This venture at Chem Park is the initial phase of a four-stage solar initiative sanctioned by the AECI executive committee in 2021.


The company’s ultimate goal is to establish a total solar capacity of 14.3 MW across selected AECI operational sites throughout South Africa. AECI’s commitment to its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) obligations and broader sustainability objectives drives this project.

By diminishing reliance on fossil fuels and curbing carbon emissions, the company aligns with its ESG strategy while reinforcing its capability to provide products and services to South African customers. Two more renewable energy facilities are set to become operational in the first quarter of 2024.


AECI Mining Chemicals in Sasolburg is preparing a 1.5 MW installation, while AECI Mining Explosives in Modderfontein will launch a 4 MW project.

According to AECI CEO Holger Riemensperger, both these sites are integral to the nation’s mining sector value chain. By reducing fossil fuel utilization, these initiatives positively impact the carbon footprint of the industry.

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In addressing the complexities of climate change, Riemensperger emphasizes that businesses must devise effective response strategies.

AECI remains steadfast in its commitment to adopting a greener operational approach and providing sustainable solutions for a better global environment.

The solar program encompasses four phases: Phase 1 focuses on solar electrification in key areas, Phase 2 scales up electrification to required capacities, Phase 3 evaluates battery storage and energy distribution, and Phase 4 transitions the company to green energy supply through photovoltaic electrolysis and green ammonia, utilizing available land resources.

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