Egyptian Electricity Transmission Explores Involvement In Green Hydrogen Projects

Representational image. Credit: Canva

According to information from a government source reported by a local news site, the Egyptian Electricity Transmission (EETC) is exploring options regarding its involvement in the green hydrogen projects within the country.


The government is considering the possibility of EETC owning up to 7.5% of these projects or imposing fees for utilizing the national grid. This course of action is based on a study conducted by Elia Grid International (EGI), a Belgian energy consultancy firm.

The study, set to be finalized in September, focuses on evaluating the renewable energy requirements of the Egyptian national grid from green hydrogen initiatives.


It also examines the logistical aspects of connecting energy generated by these projects to the national grid, including the associated technical and financial considerations. Additionally, the study considers the fees that the energy-producing companies would collect for transferring energy to the grid.

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