EDF Renewables Brazil Inks MoU with Ceará Government for the Advancement of a Green Hydrogen Hub


EDF Renewables Brazil and the Ceará Government have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to establish collaborative efforts and knowledge exchange, aimed around the creation of a green hydrogen hub within the state. 
This initiative aligns with EDF Group’s global aspirations, aiming to achieve 3 GW of installed electrolyzers by 2030. As per the terms of the MoU, the company intends to conduct studies and evaluate the feasibility of erecting a green hydrogen production facility, fostering potential collaboration with nearby universities.


“The signing of the MoU with the Government of Ceará is another important milestone that ratifies our ambitions and growth plan in Brazil, as well as contributing to the EDF Group’s low-carbon goals by 2030,” said André Salgado, CEO of EDF Renewables Brazil.

Salmito Filho, the Secretary of Economic Development of Ceará, highlighted that the memorandum reaffirms the government’s dedication to amplifying green hydrogen production within the state. “This is yet another memorandum signed to meet the generation of green and sustainable productive opportunities for our local industrial park, as well as for other industrial parks, creating opportunities for employment, income and private investment“, he added.


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