Central Bank Governor Urges Yemen Government To Embrace Renewable Energy

Representational image. Credit: Canva

Ahmed Ghaleb Al-Mabaqi, the Governor of the Central Bank of Yemen in Aden, has urged the government to take significant steps towards adopting renewable energy as a solution to the persistent fuel shortage faced by power plants.


Al-Mabaqi emphasized that the daily challenge of procuring electricity generation resources highlights the need for serious consideration of renewable energy options. He pointed out that the World Bank’s shift away from financing fossil fuel stations underscores the viability of renewable energy projects.

Al-Mabaqi questioned why the government has not yet embraced renewable energy for fundamental infrastructure needs, especially given its potential benefits.


He highlighted the current reliance on costly and environmentally detrimental diesel fuel, which strains the country’s resources and renders them inadequate even for powering Aden and nearby cities for a short period. Al-Mabaqi stressed the importance of exploring alternatives such as solar and wind energy for a sustainable solution.

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