Syria’s Tartous Governorate Connects 18,588 MW Solar Stations To Local Grid

Representational image. Credit: Canva

Several solar energy stations in the Tartous governorate have been successfully integrated into the local electrical grid, boasting a combined capacity of 18,588 megawatts. These stations were established by multiple investors in collaboration with government support, aiming to enhance the availability of electric power for the production sector.


Minister of Electricity, Eng. Ghassan Al-Zamil undertook a comprehensive tour of these station projects and convened a meeting at the Phoenix Bird School in Tartous, one of the project sites, where he delved into the intricacies of renewable energy production.

Eng. Ghassan Al-Zamil emphasized the pivotal role of legislation in incentivizing private sector investment in renewable energy. He highlighted the establishment of the Syrian Company for solar collector manufacturing, based in Lattakia, which played a crucial role in ensuring a local supply of collectors, significantly contributing to the establishment of these solar stations. This company not only secured collectors through local production but also played a pivotal role in the provision of trial features, warranties, maintenance, and spare parts for the four stations.

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The Minister underscored the government’s commitment to promoting renewable energy utilization, enhancing their contribution to the energy balance, and facilitating an investor-friendly environment in this sector.

Governor of Tartous, Abdul Halim Khalil, conveyed that these projects, which have recently commenced operation, were executed with local expertise and continuous governmental support. He further revealed the presence of upcoming projects in the governorate that will contribute to an overall improvement in the electricity situation.

It is noteworthy that these four projects were established in various locations, including the village of Baamra in the Safita countryside, the iron center and the farm in the Beit Kamuna area near the industrial zone, the Phoenix Bird School east of Tartous, and the driving school near Al-Hal Market.

During a tour of a photovoltaic collector production company in Lattakia Governorate, Minister Al-Zamil emphasized the significance of the company’s initiation in terms of relying on renewable energies and producing high-quality collectors adhering to international standards. He highlighted the importance of this local production in light of the unjust economic sanctions and constraints on imports, showcasing the nation’s determination to harness renewable energy sources.

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