LONGi Uzbekistan Training Center Successfully Wraps Up its Inaugural Course


The LONGi Uzbekistan Training Center has concluded its inaugural training course, marking an important milestone in advancing solar expertise. This gathering united 27 participants from LONGi Uzbekistan’s distributors and EPC partners.


Following an intensive week of training, 11 participants triumphed in the examination, securing their well-deserved graduation certificates. The training excelled in knowledge dissemination and hands-on application, providing participants with an exceptional and invaluable learning journey.


The 27 participants spanning diverse fields enthusiastically embraced the learning experience, showcasing not only a remarkable level of enthusiasm but also a deep-rooted interest in the field of solar energy. Among them, eleven participants were awarded customized certificates tailored by LONGi. These certificates not only recognized their extraordinary learning achievements but also underscored the course’s quality and content.


The course participants conveyed their profound appreciation for the training. One of the trainees penned a heartfelt letter of gratitude, stating, “Throughout the course, I not only gained a wealth of knowledge but also developed a deeper comprehension of the solar industry’s potential and obstacles. My sincere gratitude to LONGi for offering this invaluable learning avenue. I am committed to translating the knowledge gained into practical applications, fostering the growth and advancement of the solar sector.”

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LONGi’s distributor training initiative is rooted in profound industry insights and a keen understanding of partner requisites. As market development unfolded, it became apparent that numerous distributors were grappling with challenges pertaining to the installation and technical intricacies of solar products. In a proactive move to empower partners with enhanced product knowledge and refined technical prowess, LONGi responded resolutely by introducing a strategic educational blueprint through this focused training event.

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