Philippines’ Nueva Vizcaya Launches A Solar Energy Project To Illuminate Remote Villages

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The provincial government of Nueva Vizcaya has unveiled an ambitious initiative, “Silaw ti Umili” (Lights for Villagers), aimed at providing solar energy lighting to remote communities. In collaboration with the Nueva Vizcaya Electric Cooperative (NUVELCO), the project is poised to bring solar energy to Novo Vizcayanos residing in far-flung barangays. This move not only addresses the energy needs of remote households but also contributes to reducing systems loss, thereby benefitting power consumers.


Governor Jose Gambito emphasized that the project’s strategic partnership with NUVELCO holds dual significance – advancing solar energy access while simultaneously mitigating systems loss costs. Governor Gambito presented the project to officials of National Government Agencies to garner support for the province’s developmental endeavors.

Engineer Edgardo Sabado, provincial planning and development officer, revealed that the substantial “Silaw ti Umili” Project, with a budget exceeding P60 million, is set to roll out this year. This project targets an impressive 13,109 unenergized households across several towns including Alfonso Castaneda, Ambaguio, Aritao, Bagabag, and many more. To realize this endeavor, the province aims to procure 26,218 solar lights and panels with a capacity of 50 watts each.

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Sabado underscored the project’s purpose as providing an alternative energy source to underserved households by transitioning to solar power. The initiative encompasses the distribution and installation of three free solar panels and lights per unenergized household, coupled with awareness campaigns and training sessions for proper operation and maintenance.

“This initiative not only extends affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy access to our fellow Novo Vizcayanos but also contributes to a 10% reduction in carbon emissions, aligning with our commitment to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),” stated Sabado.

Fredel Salvador, NUVELCO’s general manager, wholeheartedly welcomed the PLGU project, citing its potential to significantly alleviate systems loss expenses borne by consumers. Acknowledging the pivotal role of this project, Salvador affirmed NUVELCO’s unwavering support to ensure its success.

The “Silaw ti Umili” project sets a promising course for Nueva Vizcaya’s journey towards enhanced energy access, environmental sustainability, and improved quality of life for its residents.

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