Waaree Group Celebrates Exceptional Growth Grants One-Time Bonuses to 100% of Employees


Waaree Group, a leader in the solar energy sector, has proudly announced an exciting new milestone in its ongoing journey of growth and success. Reflecting its commitment to fostering a culture of unity and shared achievement that recognizes the invaluable contributions of each and every team member, the company has granted a one-time bonus to all of its eligible employees, irrespective of designation. The one-time bonus has been granted to team members who joined the company on or before April 1st, 2022, and continued to be part of its journey throughout the entire financial year, concluding on 31st March 2023.


This inclusive approach exemplifies the company’s ethos that every individual – from office assistants to directors – has played an integral role in the collective success of the organization in the solar energy space.

Waaree’s exceptional performance, at a time when market uncertainties across sectors have adversely impacted many organizations and their employees, is a testament to the capabilities it has evolved over the past 16 years, that enables it to effectively adapt to a VUCA world.

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Commenting on the initiative, Mr. Hitesh Mehta, Director and CFO at Waaree Group said, “We’re immensely proud of Waaree Group’s incredible journey, a feat made possible by the unwavering dedication and the hard work of every team member. It’s our team’s resilience and unwavering commitment that has driven us forward. Looking ahead, we’re resolute in nurturing a culture of unity, innovation, and shared success, solidifying our position in the energy sector and beyond.”

This employee-centric initiative extends across all Waaree Group subsidiaries, reinforcing the sense of unity that threads through the diverse businesses within the group. With a trajectory marked by innovation and resilience, the company eagerly looks ahead to exploring new avenues and capitalizing on emerging opportunities in the energy sector.

Waaree Group has long placed a significant emphasis on employee welfare, most notably during the COVID-19 pandemic. As the company continues its pursuit of excellence, it remains dedicated to fostering an environment where employees feel valued, inspired, and motivated to contribute their best. The company’s remarkable growth story is a testament to its team’s exceptional commitment and the unrelenting spirit that defines the Waaree culture.

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