TotalEnergies ENEOS and PTT Global Chemical Launch 6.7 Megawatt-Peak Solar Rooftop Project in Thailand


TotalEnergies ENEOS, and PTT Global Chemical (GC) marked the official launch of a 6.7 MWp solar PV system, powering GC’s 5 production sites in Thailand. As Thailand’s largest petrochemical and refining corporation, GC is committed to a 20% greenhouse gas emissions reduction by 2030 on its path to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2050.


As an international chemical enterprise dedicated to enhancing global living standards, the installation of solar rooftops reaffirms GC Group’s resolve to diminish its carbon footprint, meet sustainability goals, and reduce operational expenses, all without disrupting operations. GC has partnered with TotalEnergies ENEOS, renowned for their expertise in implementing renewable energy solutions on intricate and technical sites, to facilitate their shift to clean energy.


With over 11,000 solar panels on the roofs of its five facilities, the 6.7 MWp PV system generates approximately 9,500 MWh of renewable energy annually. This not only yields cost savings for GC but also reduces the company’s carbon footprint by approximately 4,300 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year, the same as planting over 64,500 trees during the contract period.

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As per the agreement, TotalEnergies ENEOS will take care of the PV solar system’s operations, and GC will purchase the electricity generated for 20 years without any initial investments. TotalEnergies ENEOS will ensure optimal system performance, allowing GC to reap the economic and environmental benefits of the solar rooftop system.

Panchoak Auetanapa, Acting Senior Vice President of Utilities Business Unit PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited (GC) said, “GC is aware of global warming problems, we committed to develop and utilize the clean energy to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions to slow down the climate crisis. We intend to implement the renewable energy projects to cover all potential space of GC Group. This will transform our petrochemical plants to be a low carbon process and produce the low carbon products which pass on this value to customers who use GC’s products. And the end consumers would be a part to make the environmental sustainability together. The cooperation between GC and TotalEnergies ENEOS would be a good starting point for both companies that have shown our strong commitment to be a part of many other leading companies in the world, to reduce the impact of climate change and ready to support the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to achieve the goal of Net Zero together.”

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Elodie Renaud, Director of TotalEnergies ENEOS Renewables Distributed Generation Asia, added, “We are honoured to be trusted by PTT Global Chemical to be a long-term energy partner on this 6.7 MWp project and support the company on their decarbonization journey. As the leading provider of solar solutions in the region, TotalEnergies ENEOS commits on the quality and reliability of our operations over the 20 years to provide peace of mind from a technical, financial, and commercial perspective. We are proud to celebrate this project as a key milestone of a long-term partnership with PTT Global Chemical.”  

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