Halead Unveils Second Generation of SUNPLUS: Elevating Bifacial Solar Panel Efficiency by 9-11%


Halead has launched the second generation of SUNPLUS reflective material, which can increase the power generation efficiency of bifacial solar panels to 9-11%.


Based on the first generation, Halead has improved the product’s raw material formula, extending the service life to 15 years, increasing the reflectivity to 85%, which can increase the PR by 5%~9%, and reduces the LCOE to 0.5%-4% (depending on the plant design). SUNPLUS has been tested and certified by TÜV SÜD for power generation gain.


Additionally, Halead has re-engineered the installation methodology by implementing an innovative and cost-effective anchoring system, in addition to optimization of the anchors spacing. This enhancement will add more stability of SUNPLUS to the ground, mitigating
the risk of material displacement by strong wind conditions.


SUNPLUS reflective material brings significant advantages to customers. The material is resistant to high & low temperature (-30°C~70°C), allowing it to be installed at versatile climatic conditions, and on flat or relatively flat terrain such as deserts, hills, grasslands, wastelands, roofs, etc.; It has excellent physical properties and is resistant to bending, so it is easy to install without changing the existing design of the power station.

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SUNPLUS reflective material also has three major properties: anti-fouling self-cleaning, waterproof, and fire-resistant / flame-retardant.
These great features enhance material durability, extending its service life to a remarkable 15 years. This extension substantially reduces operation and maintenance expenses. Furthermore, its flame retardancy provides essential protection for bifacial photovoltaic plant components, including PV modules, inverters, transformers, and more, safeguarding both equipment and the surrounding environment from potential hazards.

SUNPLUS reflective material can be seamlessly coupled with other power generation efficiency technologies, such as smart tracking and robotic cleaning systems , thereby adding more efficiency to existing plants hence reducing carbon emissions by at least 10,000 Metric Tons/annum for each 100MW Solar PV plant, creating greater value addition.

Project case: Oman IBRI II
The Halead Middle East Photovoltaic Project is the world’s first large-scale photovoltaic power generation project that uses ground flexible reflective materials to lift the module’s rear-side power generation efficiency . The project is located 30 km northwest of Ibri city, Oman, with a total installed capacity of 575Mwp.

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Following successful installation, the operation has proceeded smoothly with minimal operational and maintenance expenses. This has resulted in a notable increase in power generation, achieving an 8%-9% enhancement.

image: Reflective material commercial case

For more product information and introduction, please contact:

Leo Wang (Vice President of Sales)
Tel: +86 15257372578
Ahmad Masoud (Global Sr. Director – Techno/Commercial)
Tel: +971 504344280

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