Pioneering HJT Solar Technology: A Conversation with Abhishek Kaushal, Director for South Asia at Huasun Energy

Abhishek Kaushal, Director (South Asia), Anhui Huasun Energy Co., Ltd.
  1. Could you share some insights into Huasun Energy’s growth trajectory and market presence in the South Asian region?

Huasun Energy is a pioneer and the biggest HJT solar module and cell manufacturer in the world. Huasun is a technology leader and an innovation driven HJT focused company. We have already reached 10GW production capacity of both HJT cells and modules and will reach 20GW production by 2023E. I am pleased to highlight that Huasun is the youngest company to be ranked in the Global Unicorn List 2023. Despite being a new entrant into the South Asian region, we have already started making bold and positive strides in developing teams and signing supply contracts across the region. We plan to ship more than 2 GW within next 2 years solely from the South Asian region.

  1. How does Huasun Energy plan to leverage its substantial 10 GW HJT annual production capacity in the South Asian market, and what growth opportunities do you see?

South Asian market shows significant development opportunities with conducive policies, constantly increasing demand and growing interests in the futuristic technologies like HJT. We are confident that the South Asian region will contribute heavily in consumption of our annual capacities. We shall be having a decent share of the total production for the South Asian Region very soon. India and Pakistan are already showing very positive response and acceptance of our HJT products.

  1. Can you elaborate on any recent innovations or advancements in HJT solar technology that Huasun Energy is working on or has implemented?
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Huasun is constantly innovating and there are plenty of successful milestones achieved by the company, to list a few; Our Huasun Dali Phase I cell project has achieved a record breaking 25.69% efficiency for its 210mm HJT Solar cells. Huasun ranks 3rd in highest efficient commercial solar modules list Sept 2023 by TaiyangNews. To address the pain points of the offshore PV projects, Huasun has designed an innovative water vapor resistant module – Huasun V-Ocean. Huasun modules have achieved max power of 744.43W which is one of the highest in the module industry and plenty of other innovations which will help in increasing the module efficiencies and lowering the production costs.

  1. What role does research and development play in Huasun Energy’s strategy for staying at the forefront of HJT solar technology?

The solar industry is very dynamic and is constantly evolving, therefore R&D plays a very crucial role in staying relevant and significant in the industry. As I said, Huasun is a very dedicated, HJT focused and R&D driven organization as our team constantly thrives in achieving new innovations to meet the needs of the industry and to provide optimal solutions to the society as a whole. I am proud to say that based on life cycle assessment methodology and rigorous verification of carbon emission data, Huasun modules has the lowest carbon emission as certified by third party.

  1. As Director for South Asia, what is your long-term vision for Huasun Energy’s role and impact on the renewable energy landscape in the region?
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My vision is to make Huasun Energy a brand which acts as an Ambassador for promoting this futuristic technology–HJT. I am confident that Huasun will soon be a synonym for innovation and technologically advanced organization working for the betterment of the society. Expanding and promoting our HJT products across the South Asian region will be my primary focus. I am optimistic about acceptance of our company as a market leader in the time to come.

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