LONGi Participates in the Forum “Building the New Energy Policy Towards 2024” in Mexico


LONGi, the leading manufacturer in the photovoltaic industry, participated in the forum “Building the New Energy Policy Toward 2024”, a central axis for the establishment of new strategies that seek to ensure that the Mexican energy industry reaches its full potential.


The event organized by the Senate of the Republic in collaboration with Indigo Energy and Industry came with an interesting agenda that allowed multiple key players, both from the private and public sectors, to take advantage of various spaces to share experiences and knowledge, to establish agreements on the implementation of new energy projects to boost economic growth, employment generation and technological development in the region.


Ivan Reyes, Head of Utility Mexico, Colombia & Caribbean, participated in the renewable energy panel, highlighting Mexico’s position and potential as a strategic territory, in the establishment of carbon emission reduction goals, energy policies and the use of new energies, and how LONGi’s cutting-edge photovoltaic technology can contribute to the country’s energy development.

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LONGi will continue to contribute to Mexico’s energy transition by focusing on technological innovation while implementing climate actions to achieve the region’s sustainable goals.

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