Solar Industry Employment Soars by 39% in 2022, Heading for 1 Million Jobs by 2025


In a remarkable surge, employment within the solar industry witnessed a staggering 39% increase throughout 2022, unveiled by the recently published EU Solar Jobs Report. This comprehensive study conducted annually by the SolarPower Europe trade association disclosed that the solar sector now provides gainful employment to 648,000 individuals. Experts predict that this figure will reach the monumental milestone of 1 million jobs by 2025—five years ahead of earlier projections.


Addressing this swift expansion, Walburga Hemetsberger, CEO of SolarPower Europe, commented, “Looking at the solar skills gap, we’re beginning to tackle quantity, and now we need to re-double our efforts on quality. Citizens and businesses must feel confident that their solar project is manufactured, installed, and maintained by properly trained, trustworthy, professionals.”


Within the solar industry, 84% of these jobs revolve around the installation and deployment of solar panels, while operations and maintenance contribute 8%, and manufacturing accounts for 7%.


In other news, Lightsource BP celebrated a significant achievement earlier this year, surpassing 1,200 team members globally after reaching the 1,000-employee milestone in 2023.

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