Sungrow at IGEM Malaysia 2023: Pioneering Renewable Energy Solutions to Facilitate Malaysia’s Transition to a More Sustainable and Responsible Society 


Sungrow, the global leading inverter and energy storage system supplier, showed its latest state-of-the-art renewable energy solutions to audiences at IGEM Malaysia 2023. Solutions include inverters, energy storage systems, electric vehicle chargers, digital energy management platforms, etc. that can supply utility, C&I, and residential solar power plants. As Malaysia is undergoing its critical energy transition phase, Sungrow’s cutting-edge products and technologies will contribute to the transformation of society. During the exhibition, the Sungrow booth attracted the attention of many leading customers and honoured guests to visit, including Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad, the Minister of Natural Resources, Environment, and Climate Change, and Member of Parliament for Setiawangsa.


Innovative utility-scale solar energy solution launched to unleash Malaysia’s energy potential 


Utility-scale power plants dominate the Malaysian photovoltaic market, which holds 210 GW of potential. With the aim of facilitating renewable energy development in Malaysia, Sungrow displays a variety of solutions to meet that need. These solutions include the ultra-powerful 350kW string inverter SG350HX, the innovative “1+X” modular inverter, and the latest generation liquid-cooled energy storage system, the PowerTitan 2.0.
The “1+X” modular inverter is an innovative product that combines the advantages of central and string inverters. Combining eight units, the “1+X” Modular Inverter can reach 8.8 MW in capacity, offering a minimum capacity of 1.1 MW per unit. And for the energy storage system, the PowerTitan 2.0 debuts in Southeast Asia for the first time. It is a professional integration of Sungrow’s power electronics, electrochemistry, and power grid support technologies. The latest innovation for the utility-scale energy storage market adopts a large battery cell capacity of 314Ah, integrates a string Power Conversion System (PCS) in the battery container, embeds strong grid support technology, and features systematic liquid-cooled temperature control.  

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Comprehensive C&I solar-plus-storage solutions with power optimizers promote the low-carbon transformation of the Malaysian manufacturing industry 

The rapid expansion of the manufacturing industry and the support of the Net Energy Metering Scheme in Malaysia encourage local factories and commercial buildings to install photovoltaics to reduce electricity bills. 

A full range of Sungrow’s renewable energy solutions for the C&I sector are available. They introduced the SG125CX-P2 inverter, the PowerStack ESS, the SP600S power optimizer, the AC22E-01 EV charger, and the new generation digital O&M platform iSolarCloud. With an all-encompassing solution, these parks can harness clean energy systematically. Tailored to meet Southeast Asia’s policy requisites and long-term plant benefits, the SP600S surpasses similar products due to its dual functionality of “optimization” and “shutdown”. This product, certified by TÜV Rheinland and CSA, has already found application in Thai enterprises and won high praise. 

Safe and high-efficiency residential solar solutions allow local families to increase their income from electricity sales 

Malaysia’s government is strongly supporting the installation of photovoltaics on household roofs. Sungrow brings 10kW and 20kW hybrid single-phase inverters to Malaysia, SH10RS and SG20RT-P2, giving customers a choice of suitable products based on roof size. With a quick arc fault circuit interrupter, a high anti-corrosion rating of C5, etc., protecting houses from potential threats At the same time, Sungrow inverters have lower startup & wider MPPT voltage, a built-in PID recovery function, and are better compatible with bi-facial modules, leading to higher yields for plant owners and homeowners. So far, Sungrow’s residential solar solutions have been widely applied around the world, especially in mainstream markets such as Europe, America, and Australia. 

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Kevin Guo, Head of Sungrow Malaysia, states that Sungrow will be Malaysia’s sincere partner to promote its energy transition. “With the ambitious target to achieve 70% RE installed capacity in the power mix by 2050, primarily driven by solar PV installation, Malaysia is facing challenges. We have commissioned several solar projects in Malaysia, such as the Sungai Petani 100 MW project and the IBvolt 100 MW project, and provided C&I solutions for Intel Malaysia, Bosch Malaysia, and more. Our innovative technologies can provide Malaysia with efficient, safe, durable and stylish products, helping Malaysia achieve its net-zero goal as soon as possible.” 

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