Solis Shines as a Key Player in Colombia and Latin America’s Energy Transformation at Expo Solar Colombia 2023


Ginlong (Solis), the world’s 3rd largest PV inverter manufacturer, takes pride in its successful participation in the 7th Colombian Solar Energy Exhibition, Expo Solar Colombia 2023, recently held in Medellin, Colombia. This event, attended by over 300 companies from 35 countries and nearly 20,000 visitors, aimed to promote photovoltaic solar energy and accelerate the energy transition in Latin America.


For Solis, this marks the third consecutive year participating in the Expo Solar Colombia, reaffirming its unwavering commitment to the Colombian market and the region’s sustainable solar energy growth.


Latin America, including Colombia, is witnessing a significant energy transformation, aiming to reach 6 GW of installed photovoltaic capacity in the next three years and increase the adoption of renewable energy. Solis is undoubtedly a vital player in this transformation, with its active involvement in Expo Solar Colombia 2023 serving as a testament to its dedication.


During the Expo, Solis joined other brands in a solar farm initiative organized by its partners at Solaire Energia Renovable, generating 30 kWp of energy for the event. This collaboration highlights its dedication to renewable energy generation and the Colombian market’s drive towards a more sustainable future.

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The exceptional reception Solis received during the Expo echoes its remarkable growth in the region over the past decade, with double-digit growth in Latin America operations and an average of 20% growth in solar distributed generation. In just two years, Solis has captured 30% of the Colombian market share, solidifying its position as one of the leading brands in the country.

Globally, the company has achieved an impressive growth rate of 86%, solidifying its position as the unparalleled leader in the solar inverter industry. In 2022, it marked a record-breaking year with unprecedented shipments and reached a significant milestone by becoming the third-largest inverter manufacturer worldwide.

On the first night of the Expo, Solis hosted a celebration to express gratitude to the Colombian market for its preference, making it the most successful and bustling event during the exhibition. This demonstrates the strong trust, loyalty, and preference for the Solis brand within the industry. There is no doubt that Solis will continue to astound and impress in Colombia and throughout Latin America in the years to come.

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