Solis Unveils the S6 GU350K: A Game-Changer in Utility-Scale Solar Inverters – Idrish Khan – Chief Technical Officer Solis India

Idrish Khan – Chief Technical Officer Solis India

Can you provide an overview of the new 350 KW solar inverter that Solis is launching? What sets it apart from other products in the market?


The S6 GU350K is a sixth-generation inverter that is primarily used in the utility sector. The S6 GU350K drives usher in a new era in the utility-wide market. 350kw is one of the highest single capacity series inverters on the market today. With 1500vdc input and 800Vac output, this model is well positioned to provide a low LCOE integrated solution, inverter design considering Indian grid standard and it is complying CEA/CERC latest amendments.


The following points make it unique from others.

  1. Resonance suppression technology, to ensure that large capacity PV stable connection to the grid.
  2. Adapt to high temperature environment, higher yield at the same high temperature.
  3. Remotely upgradation of firmware.
  4. Integrated data storage facility during FRT.
  5. Voltage Impedance setting according to POI (Point of Interconnection).
  6. PLC communication based on TCP/IP protocol with higher Baud rate.
  7. Free of cost IV curve diagnosis feature.
  8. Major components of Tier 1 brands.

Could you explain the technical advancements, innovations, and scalability of the 350 KW solar inverter, detailing how it enhances performance, efficiency, and ability to cater to varying solar energy needs?

The S6 GU350K product enhances PV plant performance and efficiency through four key mechanisms. Firstly, the product boasts a single power output of 350kW, enabling a 3.5MW subarray with just 10 inverters. This represents an 84% reduction compared to conventional 190kW products, resulting in reduced connection and self-loss. Secondly, the product achieves a maximum efficiency of 99.0% and features a 12/16 MPPT level tracking capability, significantly mitigating system mismatch loss. Moreover, the product enhances component compatibility, offering a maximum MPPT current of 40A per channel and a DC/AC ratio of 150%. This enables the system to accommodate a variety of efficient, high-power solar modules available in the market, such as HJT and TOPCON, allowing for flexible design and facilitating the creation of a low-LCOE, high-yield photovoltaic system.

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Furthermore, the inverter includes an additional power supply interface tailored for array trackers, facilitating superior solar angle tracking for the photovoltaic array and thereby increasing production efficiency. Additionally, we provide integrated PID recovery to prevent component power degradation, ensuring consistent high production over a 25-year period.

In terms of integration and compatibility, how does the new inverter align with existing solar setups and emerging smart grid technologies?

Drawing upon the 6th generation technology platform, the S6-GU350K showcases specialized hardware and software design optimizations. To begin with, the product’s DC structure has been enhanced to accommodate increased input power conversion. The array tracking and storage interface can seamlessly integrate with existing solar configurations. Additionally, Solis inverter products exhibit a strong grid compatibility. In addition to the standard LVRT/HVRT and SVG functions, we have incorporated numerous optimization algorithms. These include the Smart grid reconstruction algorithm, Active harmonic suppression algorithm, and Adaptive Algorithm for Weak Grid. This transforms the PV system from a “passive adaptation grid” to an “active grid support.”

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The inverter offers robust communication capabilities and supports comprehensive and adaptable data monitoring transmission equipment, such as PLCCO and Smart data logger. This setup enables concurrent data collection from multiple sources, incorporating Solis Inverters, Solis meters, third-party radiance sensors, third-party wind sensors, and third-party weather stations. The datalogger accommodates monitoring for up to 60 inverters and empowers users and installers with remote control capabilities. Simultaneously, the Solis cloud platform remains freely accessible, featuring enhanced online O&M tools for effective power station management, grid scheduling, remote control, and convenient maintenance.

What safety features and measures have been implemented to ensure the reliable and secure operation of the 350 KW solar inverter?

The S6-GU350K inverter boasts a comprehensive range of safety features, with key protections outlined below:

  1. Integrated with both AC and DC sides equipped with a Type 2 Surge Protective Device (SPD).
  2. Incorporates reverse polarity protection.
  3. Includes an inbuilt DC Arc Fault detection circuit, effectively minimizing fire incidents on the panel side.
  4. Equipped with a built-in ground fault detection circuit to monitor leakage current.
  5. Features a smart cooling mechanism that enhances heat dissipation.
  6. Utilizes a fuse less design technology to lower operational and maintenance costs.
  7. Provides protection against AC over voltage and under voltage.
  8. Offers safeguards against overcurrent and short circuit currents.
  9. Complies with Low Voltage Ride Through (LVRT) and High Voltage Ride Through (HVRT) requirements.
  10. Includes protection against over frequency and under frequency events, among others.
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How do you envision the launch of this 350 KW solar inverter contributing to the broader solar energy landscape in India?

India has garnered global attention for its burgeoning photovoltaic market, characterized by rapid growth and dynamic development. Solis has forged collaborative partnerships with Indian photovoltaic counterparts to drive the advancement of clean energy initiatives. The introduction of the S6-GU350K marks a significant stride towards engaging more extensively in the establishment of public utility photovoltaic power stations, offering cost-effective solutions that contribute to lowering the Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) in the Indian market.

This new model, positioned as a robust string inverter, is poised to make a resounding impact in the utility segment. It stands out due to its wealth of innovative features and outstanding performance attributes. We are optimistic that this model will deliver exceptional results in the Indian market, aligning perfectly with our aspirations for a cleaner, more sustainable energy landscape.

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