Wood Mackenzie Introduces Lens Carbon: A Global Solution for Comprehensive Carbon Management Projects Evaluation

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Wood Mackenzie, the renowned global insight provider for renewables, energy, and natural resources, has unveiled a groundbreaking solution called Lens Carbon. This innovative offering empowers users to comprehensively evaluate and assess carbon management projects on a global scale, thus marking a significant step in the direction of sustainable and environmentally responsible practices.


As an integral component of Wood Mackenzie’s Lens data analytics platform, Lens Carbon serves as a versatile tool for exploring various aspects of carbon management projects, including carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS), direct air capture (DAC), and carbon offset initiatives. With its proprietary data, in-depth analysis, and benchmarking capabilities, Lens Carbon equips users with the means to navigate the intricate landscape of carbon-related projects.


Mhairidh Evans, the Global Head of CCUS at Wood Mackenzie, highlights the unique suitability of Lens for users seeking to identify the most promising opportunities in the field. The platform streamlines the user experience, bringing together the organization’s renowned expertise and modeling insights to facilitate faster, more precise operational and strategic planning.

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In an era where emerging technologies like CCUS and DAC are pivotal to a well-structured energy transition, businesses and governments are actively shaping their strategies and evaluating potential projects. Lens Carbon emerges as the ideal companion for those looking to decipher the complexities of these solutions and make investment decisions that align with their decarbonization objectives.

One of the standout features of the Lens platform is its ability to integrate user workflows, allowing for the quantification of risk and the identification of promising avenues by understanding project dynamics and their impact on investments. To provide a deeper understanding of the data, expert-written analyses are also incorporated, shedding light on CCUS, carbon prices, and carbon offsets.

Elena Belletti, the Global Head of Carbon Research, emphasizes the ever-evolving nature of carbon management technologies and market-based mechanisms. Lens Carbon is positioned to keep businesses and investors ahead of the curve by granting them immediate access to essential data and analysis through this robust and comprehensive solution. This development holds the potential to catalyze a transformative shift towards sustainable practices and informed decision-making in the energy and natural resources sector.

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