PnS One: Transforming Solar Energy Management in India and the Middle East – L K Verma Founder & Managing Director Power n Sun Solar Systems Pvt Ltd.

  1. Can you explain how Power n Sun’s PnS One platform is contributing to the digitalization of the solar industry in India and the Middle East?

PNS One, a software program for the solar industry, is being introduced by Power and Sun. However, our main objective is not to sell the software but rather to support our existing clients and simplify their processes.


The software we have developed aims to streamline and optimize the entire supply chain process, reducing the time spent from 3 to 4 hours to just 5 to 6 minutes. Our focus is on facilitating and aligning with our clients to enhance their operational efficiency.

  1. What are the key features and functionalities of PnS One that differentiate it from other solar energy management platforms in the market?

PNS One stands out by offering three key modules, each with critical sub-modules. Firstly, it provides comprehensive lead management and customer relationship management (CRM) tools for installers, EPCs, and resellers. Secondly, it includes an analyzer and solar proposal formation module, encompassing site survey reports, shadow analysis, thread visualization, and CLU (presumably a solar-related feature). Lastly, the software offers monitoring, ticketing, and management features. PNS One caters to the needs of EPCs, installers, and reseller companies in the solar industry.


Currently, the solar industry experiences a conversion rate of around 10 to 15% from inquiries or quotations to actual business. However, the process of converting inquiries is time-consuming, requiring approximately 4 to 5 hours to send out a techno-commercial proposal for each inquiry. In contrast, with PNS One, the same proposal can be generated in less than 10 minutes. This significant reduction in time translates to over a 400-500% increase in efficiency. Moreover, the software ensures precise accuracy and offers superior documentation compared to manual processes.

  1. How does PnS One enable effective energy management for solar systems, and what benefits does it offer to customers in terms of optimizing energy efficiency?
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We are providing the energy-efficient Solar Components in our Marketplace which is part of PnS One. This provides higher efficiency and good generation of electricity. To ensure that we are offering Tier-I Solar PV Modules and inverters along with the other BOS. This plays an important role in optimizing energy. Further, through this app you can always monitor your system and check the status of Generation of Electricity on a daily basis, Customer can also monitor his generation through the same PnS One Mobile Application and can raise any issues related to the Solar System installed and Installer can immediately take action to make it right. Thus, ensuring high uptime of the system.

  1. What role does technological innovation play in the continuous improvement and development of PnS One as a leading solar energy management solution?

In today’s interconnected world, all countries are part of a global village. We have developed PNS One to be accessible through platforms such as Android, iOS, and the cloud.

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We have developed this software primarily for our internal use, aiming to facilitate our existing clients and expand our client base. The main objective is not to sell the software itself. The application is available in two versions: a free version and a professional version with unlocked modules. It caters to two distinct groups of individuals: solar engineers who conduct site surveys and those who coordinate the process from the office, working together to complete assignments.

This software addresses the specific needs of both groups. It provides features essential for on-site surveys, such as video documentation to capture location details, measurements, and other important information. Additionally, it offers features that help consolidate and compile data in the office environment. We have meticulously considered various aspects to ensure the software meets the requirements of solar engineers during site surveys and supports efficient coordination between field and office personnel

  1. How do you ensure that PnS One meets the specific needs and requirements of clients in different sectors and industries, such as residential, commercial, and industrial?

PnS One can be used to do AI based Site survey online for any Residential, Commercial and Industrial sites and create Shadow Analysis, 3D Designs, Single Line Diagram (SLD) and create Bill of Material which is required to be Installed in the project and that too on your fingertips within some minutes.

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PNS One, a software program developed by Power and Sun, aims to streamline and optimize the entire supply chain process in the solar industry, reducing the time spent from 3 to 4 hours to just 5 to 6 minutes.

PNS One stands out from other software options by offering three key modules with critical sub-modules, including lead management and customer relationship management (CRM), solar proposal formation with advanced analysis features, and monitoring and ticketing capabilities.

With PNS One, the time-consuming process of sending out techno-commercial proposals for inquiries is reduced from 4 to 5 hours to less than 10 minutes, resulting in a 400-500% increase in efficiency for businesses in the solar industry.

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