CEA’s Directive: Renewable Developers to Report Grid Connectivity Compliance

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In a significant meeting held under the guidance of Chairperson CEA on October 13, 2023, key stakeholders from the renewable energy (RE) sector converged to address a pressing issue of non-compliance with technical standards for grid connectivity. Representatives from CTUIL, GRID-INDIA, and RE developers participated in this hybrid-mode meeting.


The primary agenda of the discussion revolved around the non-compliance of RE developers with the CEA (Technical Standards for Connectivity to the Grid) regulations by September 30, 2023. Chief Engineer (GM Division), CEA, shed light on the matter and mentioned a petition filed by M/s Azure Power Maple Private Limited, seeking an extension of time to install reactive power compensation devices for a 300 MW solar power project.


CEA Chairperson underscored that the Conditional/Provisional connectivity and First Time Charging were granted based on the undertakings and commitments made by RE developers themselves, with an initial compliance deadline of June 30, 2023, later extended to September 30, 2023. The Chairperson expressed disappointment with those who failed to meet these deadlines and urged all RE plants, including M/s Azure Power Maple, to share their actions toward compliance and honoring their commitments.

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Grid-India confirmed issuing letters to RE developers with provisional/conditional First Time Charging approvals based on CEA guidelines, and M/s Azure Maple Pvt. Ltd. submitted an undertaking to install the required capacity for reactive power compensation.

While some developers, like M/s Tata Power and SBSR Cleantech Pvt. Ltd., claimed full compliance, M/s Azure Power Maple Pvt. Ltd. appeared to have only partially addressed the issue. Chairperson, CEA, directed all 20 RE plants with provisional/conditional First Time Charging approvals to submit compliance reports specifying the capacity of non-compliance, which may face curtailment or suspension until full regulatory compliance is achieved. The meeting highlighted the need for adherence to existing regulations and commitments in the renewable energy sector.

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