Canadian Solar’s e-STORAGE to Supply 1 GWh DC of Battery Storage Solutions to DEPCOM Power and Tucson Electric Power in Arizona


Canadian Solar announced that e-STORAGE, a subsidiary of CSI Solar Co., Ltd., has bagged a contract to supply and integrate 1 GWh DC of energy storage solutions for DEPCOM Power, Inc. and Tucson Electric Power (TEP) in Arizona. e-STORAGE will provide its proprietary energy storage solution, SolBank, for the Roadrunner Reserve System project. With a 200 MW rated capacity and 800 MWh AC storage capacity, it’s set to become one of the largest energy storage systems in Arizona, serving around 42,000 homes for up to four hours once operational.


SolBank prioritizes safety, efficiency, and optimal performance, utilizing advanced monitoring, cooling, and balancing systems. e-STORAGE’s track record includes over 3.3 GWh DC of installed battery energy storage solutions globally, solidifying its industry standing.


“We have been very pleased with the SolBank solution from CSI Solar and look forward to implementing it as part of the Roadrunner Reserve System project,” said Justin Bloch, President, Projects, DEPCOM Power. “Forward-thinking storage projects like this continue to add critical capacity to the grid, and we are proud to be part of TEP’s path forward to balance energy supply and demand for Arizona residents.”

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“Battery energy storage systems that offer safe and reliable operation are key to Tucson Electric Power’s expansion of clean energy resources. We’re excited to work with DEPCOM Power and Canadian Solar to bring Roadrunner Reserve online for our community,” added Eric Bronner, TEP Senior Director of System Integration and Operations.

Colin Parkin, President of e-STORAGE Business Group, commented,”We are excited to support DEPCOM Power and Tucson Electric in their efforts to build and operate the Roadrunner Reserve System project. This project will contribute to the great state of Arizona’s growing solar energy capacity and aid the state in meeting surging electricity demand and energy reliability goals.”

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