Taiwan’s Taipower Unveils ‘Sun Rock’: A Solar-Powered Green Energy Hub

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In a significant milestone for Taiwan’s green energy development, Taipower held a groundbreaking and blessing ceremony for its innovative “Sun Rock” green energy operation and maintenance center. The historic project, a collaboration with Reiju Construction and the renowned architectural firm MVRDV, aims to set a new standard for sustainability in Taiwan.


Sun Rock is designed to be Taiwan’s first “Net Zero Building,” with a focus on energy efficiency and sustainability. The exterior of the building will be adorned with solar panels, resembling an armadillo, harnessing abundant sunlight to generate nearly 1 million kWh of green energy annually. This sustainable design not only caters to the building’s energy needs but also contributes surplus energy back to the grid, making it a net-zero emission structure.


The center will serve as an operational base for over 50 wind turbines from the Phase 1 and Phase 2 offshore wind farms. It will also act as a storage facility for materials related to onshore wind turbines, solar panels, maintenance tools, and equipment. The project is anticipated to be completed by the end of 2024, enhancing the efficiency of Taipower’s green energy infrastructure.

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Winy Maas, co-founder of MVRDV, emphasized that Sun Rock is designed to maximize sunlight utilization, making the most of Changhua’s abundant sunshine. The building is engineered to achieve energy self-sufficiency while also contributing excess electricity to the Taiwanese power grid.

For a building to achieve “net-zero” status, it must receive energy efficiency certification from the Ministry of the Interior. Importantly, the renewable energy generated by the building must fully meet its own electricity consumption requirements, resulting in a balanced energy equation. Sun Rock’s meticulous design positions and angles its solar panels to optimize solar energy capture. It is estimated that the completed structure will generate nearly 1 million kWh of electricity annually, equivalent to the monthly consumption of approximately 3,000 households. This level of electricity generation is expected to reduce carbon emissions by around 500 metric tons, defying traditional energy consumption norms.

The project’s innovative design and energy efficiency goals have earned it the moniker of a “power-generating armadillo.” Taipower’s commitment to sustainability and renewable energy marks a significant step towards a greener and more sustainable Taiwan.

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