Fimer – Bidirectional Converter PVS980-58BC


    FIMER bidirectional converter, PVS980-58BC, is aimed at large-scale grid-connected energy storage applications. The converters are available from 1454 kVA up to 2091 kVA. PVS980-58BC bidirectional converter is based on the world’s leading converter platform used also in FIMER solar inverters ensuring high performance, reliability and availability of global service support.

    1. Product name : FIMER PVS980-58 BC (Bidirectional Converters)
    2. Application:  MW Scale Storage & BESS (Battery Energy Storage Systems)
    3. Power Ratings: Available from 1086kVA to 5000kVA
    4. Product Make : Make In India, manufactured at FIMER Bengaluru Factory.



    World’s leading converter platform


    Like FIMER central inverters, the PVS980-58BC bidirectional converter has been developed on the basis of decades of experience in the industry and proven technology platform. Unrivaled expertise from the world’s market and technology leader in frequency converters is the hallmark of thePVS980-58 series.

    1. PVS980-58BC bidirectional converter from FIMER

    FIMER PVS980-58BC bidirectional converters are ideal for multi-megawatt energy storage systems, providing maximum grid stability for power plants with intermittent energy sources. For power plants combining photovoltaic and energy storage, the common platform shared with the PVS980-58BC bidirectional converter and PVS980-58 central inverter brings synergies in both the availability of service and support personnel and the spare part logistics.

    1. Quick ROI
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    The high DC input voltage, high efficiency, proven components, compact and modular design and a host of life cycle services available ensure FIMER PVS980-58BC bidirectional converters provide a rapid return on investment

    USP of product :

    • High total performance

    • Outstanding endurance for outdoor use

    • Full four-quadrant active power and reactive power support

    • High DC input voltage up to 1500 VDC for minimizing system cost

    • Self-contained cooling system suitable for harsh environments

    • Compact, modular product design

    • Life cycle service and support through FIMER’s extensive global service network

    Maximum energy revenues  

    FIMER Bidirectional Converters have a high total efficiency. Precise, optimized system control and maximum power point tracking(MPPT) combined with the unit’s highly efficient power converter design deliver the maximum energy from the Batteries to the power distribution network. For end users, this generates the highest possible revenues from energy sales.

    Patented cooling system  

    PVS980-58 inverter utilizes a patented self-contained cooling system in power module cooling. This innovative, low-maintenance cooling solution is also used in other industrial applications and is designed for demanding environments.

    The cooling system needs no separate commission and it ensures outstanding endurance.

    Compact and modular design  

    PVS980-58 inverters are designed for fast and easy installation. The industrial design and modular platform provide a wide range of options, such as remote monitoring, field bus connection and modular and flexible DC input connections. PVS980-58 inverters are customized for the needs of end users and will be available with short delivery times

    Versatile design for large-scale Projects to minimize system costs  

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    FIMER’s PVS980-58 Bidirectional Converters enable system integrators to design power plants that use the optimum combination of inverters with different power ratings.

    Equipped with extensive electrical and mechanical protection, the inverters are engineered to provide a long and reliable service life of at least 25 years.

    Advanced grid support features  

    The PVS980-58 software includes all the latest grid support and monitoring features, including active power limitation, and fault ride-through (FRT) with current feed-in and reactive power control.

    Active and reactive power output can be controlled by an external control system or automatically by the inverter.

    All grid support functions are parameterized, allowing easy adjusting for local utility requirements. FIMER Bidirectional Converters are also able to support grid stability at night by providing reactive power with the DC input disconnected

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