NTPC REL Initiates Bidding Process For 630 MW Barethi Solar Park Substation Package

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NTPC Renewable Energy Limited (NTPC REL) has opened the bidding process for the development of a 630 MW Barethi Solar Park substation package. The project, designed for a Single Stage Two Envelope bidding process, invites eligible bidders to submit their proposals.


The scope of work for this project is extensive and covers various critical aspects of the substation’s development. It includes the design, engineering, supply, erection, testing, and commissioning of a 400 kV AIS Park Pooling Station consisting of five AIS Bays. The project will also feature two 315 MVA, 400/33-33kV type-tested Tie Transformers, along with associated SAS (Substation Automation System) and protection measures.


Furthermore, the project encompasses the installation of another 400 kV AIS Park Pooling Station with similar specifications. Additionally, there will be two 33 kV Pooling Switchgear units with a capacity of 315 MVA (+10%). The project aims to enhance the infrastructure by installing a Common Power Plant Controller and conducting a Grid Compliance Study for solar plants connected to the Park Pooling Substation. It also includes the installation of ±50MVAR Dynamic Reactive Compensation Equipment integrated with 33 kV Switchgear and various monitoring equipment associated with Tie Transformers.

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NTPC REL plans to finance the project through its own resources or financing options. The bid submission deadline for interested parties is set for December 6, 2023.

To ensure the quality and reliability of the project, NTPC REL has set specific criteria for potential bidders. Bidders are required to demonstrate their experience by having designed, supplied, constructed, tested, and commissioned at least one Air Insulated switchyard of 400 kV or above voltage class with a minimum of four bays in operation for a minimum of two years from the opening of the techno-commercial bid.

Additionally, the bidder’s net worth should be at least 100% of the bidder’s paid-up share capital as of the last day of the preceding financial year. If the bidder does not meet this requirement on its own, it can fulfill the criteria through the strength of its subsidiary(ies), holding company, or subsidiaries of its holding companies, where applicable.

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NTPC REL retains the right to reject any or all bids and cancel or withdraw the Invitation for Bids without assigning a specific reason. Bidders must also submit a signed “Non-Disclosure Agreement” in the specified format along with their bid to be authorized for procurement of the Bidding Documents.

The bidding process also has provisions specific to bidders from countries sharing a land border with India, requiring them to be registered with the Competent Authority as outlined in the Bidding Documents. Furthermore, bidders, including those from India, with Transfer of Technology (ToT) arrangements involving entities from countries sharing a land border with India, must also be registered with the same competent authority.

Notably, this registration requirement does not apply to bidders from countries to which the Government of India has extended lines of credit or in which the Government of India is involved in development projects. This initiative by NTPC REL marks a significant step toward enhancing India’s renewable energy infrastructure.

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Please view the document below for more details.

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