Egypt And Japan Explore Renewable Energy Collaboration And Green Hydrogen Initiatives


The Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy of Egypt, Dr. Mohamed Shaker, convened a meeting with the Japanese Ambassador to Cairo, Oka Hiroshi, along with a delegation from Japanese companies operating in the renewable energy sector. The aim was to explore avenues for collaboration and mutual support in renewable energy and green hydrogen.


Discussions included joint efforts in electricity, and new and renewable energy sectors, such as solar and wind energy, with a focus on localizing component manufacturing to transfer knowledge and boost job opportunities.


Dr. Shaker commended the active involvement of Japanese companies in Egypt’s electricity projects, emphasizing their reliability and significant role in various aspects, including production stations, transmission, distribution networks, and renewable energy projects.


The ongoing efforts in Egypt’s electricity sector involve enhancing transmission and distribution networks, including high-voltage transformer stations, control centers, and the implementation of smart grids. These initiatives aim to fortify the national electrical grid, accommodate new capacities from renewable sources, reduce losses, and improve connectivity with neighboring countries.

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Regarding renewable energy, Egypt is strategically working to increase its share in the energy mix to over 42% by 2030. Green hydrogen, emerging as a promising energy source, is under scrutiny by a ministerial committee at the national level. This committee is conducting a comprehensive study on hydrogen as a future energy source in Egypt, exploring various alternatives and drawing on international experiences in the field. These efforts collectively underscore Egypt’s commitment to advancing renewable energy and sustainable solutions in its energy landscape.

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