“We Are Offering Solar Energy Products With Bigger Ranges and Better Warranties”

In Conversation with Mr. Nikunj Patel, Founder & CEO, Australian Premium Solar (India) Pvt. Ltd


Could you please tell us about Australian premium solar presence in India?


We are present in India since 2013. We began our operation in India only as solar module manufacturers, having annual production capacity of 20 MW. And now, after 6 years of dedication and hard work, we have grown into one of the fastest growing solar solution provider company which includes the roles of solar module manufacturing and solar inverter supply. We have been supplying our modules and inverters pan India. We aim to become one of the largest solar energy solution providers of India through our insatiable hunger for top quality of products and services.


Kindly give us an insight on Australian premium solar (APS) product portfolio along with the service offering for the Indian market?

We are offering solar energy products with bigger ranges and better warranties. We are offering solar modules ranging from 40 Wp to 350 Wp. We are also conducting a trial run of our own brand of inverters with 500 of our current customers since last 6 months, and till now they all seem to be pretty satisfied with its performance. So, now we are introducing it in this year’s REI. We are offering a range of 1 KW to 80 KW for inverters to fulfil residential, commercial, institutional and commercial requirements. Along with this we are also supplying other top brands of inverters as per the customer requirements as well.

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What differentiates your company’s offering from your competitors?

We have seen a trend in the Indian market that most of the large scale system integrators are coming from a manufacturing background. Whereas, we have been working as system installers/integrators since more than a decade in Australia. So, we are well aware of the issues faced by the integrators, and we have kept our R&D focused accordingly and we are manufacturing modules and supplying inverters keeping those things in mind. So, that experience becomes very handy when we are bringing in something new or when we are providing after-sale service. That is where we are different from our competitors. We offer better warranty and better quality at most competitive prices. Most of our customers are affiliated with us for a longer time period, majorly because of the quality of product as well as the after-sale service. We are different because we know all the aspects of the work we are doing, let it be R&D or manufacturing. The other major difference is that we are providing products for wide range, from residential to utility, and we also provide all major components, making us a one stop solution for installers as well as end users.

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Could you please shed some light on Australian premium solar’s desirable target for the year 2019-2020?

This is something which has been our strength. We always have a very clear picture about in which direction we are heading. Right now we are standing at 100 MW of annual production, and we are looking forward to making it 250 MW. The company started in 2008 with Just 4500 AUD, and from there, in 11 years, we have grown to become one of the largest solar energy company in Australia, and have grown to achieve a cumulative turnover of more than INR 600 Cr. From our group of companies. We have been following one simple strategy of doubling the turn over each year, and till now it has worked perfectly for us. For India we have a target of achieving turnover of INR 200 Cr by the end of year 2020.

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