Milestone | The Largest Power Station Project Of Half-Cell Modules Supplied By Suntech Successfully Connected To The Grid In India


Recently, the Pavagada solar park project in India, to which Suntech contributed a total supply capacityof 210MW, has been successfully connected to the grid. It, utilizing solely polycrystaline half-cell modules from Suntech, has become the largest one amongst all the established solar power stations with half-cell modules in the world.


Located in Tumakuru, Karnataka of India, the Pavagada Solar Park covers an area of 13,000 acres and is about 180 kilometers away from Bangalore – India’s fifth largest city. It is one of the ultra-large solar parks in Asia. The project is at a place with abundant light supply, but suffers from harsh environmental conditions such as sand storm.

The Pavagada project, the largest of all the established and grid-connected solar power stations with half-cell modules worldwide, was completed and got connected after 7 months from January 2019 when the construction began. A total of 626,866 pieces of Suntech’s high-efficiency, polycrystalline half-cell anti-fouling modules were put into the project. With excellent anti-fouling performance, these modules supplied by Suntech can enhance the self-cleaning ability of modules used in deserts and under harsh environments. In addition, the half-cell technology powering these modules can also reduce both the internal losses between modules and the operating temperature in the case of actually running the power station, thus supporting steady operation and lowering future maintaining costs. 

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Mr. Cao Xiaorong, Vice President of Suntech Power, expressed that The smooth grid-connection of the Pavagada project in India marks the fact that Suntech’s half-cell products not only were put into mass production, but also reached a new level for actual construction and operation of the power station; in terms of better customer satisfaction and loyalty, a demonstration effect was shown as well.

In the future,Suntech will continuously provide photovoltaic products with high quality, high reliability and high cost performance for customers in India by virtue of the State-of-the-art technical advantages and the excellent manufacturing level.

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