“It’s Expected That The Installation Capacity Will Continue To Grow, And More Opportunities Will Be Available Due To The Rebound In Demand In India And The Growth Of Demand In Other Countries.”


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Mr. Shawn Shi, General Manager of Sungrow APAC

Which markets does Sungrow aim for APAC? What are the growth opportunities in the inverter industry in the coming years? 


APAC occupies an important position in the global PV market. Sungrow has always attached great importance to three established markets: Japan, Australia, India and holds a market share of over 30% in Southeast Asia. It’s expected that the installation capacity will continue to grow, and more opportunities will be available due to the rebound in demand in India and the growth of demand in other countries.


How different are your marketing strategies for the APAC region?

The APAC region features vast territory, multiple nations, complex grid-connection codes, varied climatic and geographical environment. We have diverse solutions in response to different applications, and we are always in line with “design meets demands”, to provide optimal solutions for each market.

Being one of the leading Solar inverters company, how do you plan to expand your markets for 2020?

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With the withdrawal of inverter suppliers such as ABB, Schneider, GE, whose main business is not inverter, the inverter industry will face another reshuffle. Sungrow has 22-year track record in the PV industry, and has won the trust of customers in terms of quality and service. Sungrow has also secured more opportunities in the ever-changing market.

With the increase in solar projects, how is Sungrow meeting the needs of the developers?

In the current PV industry, many IPPs (Independent Power Producers) face two major problems. Firstly, PPA price continues to fall. The second is the growing requirements for grid adaptability. Sungrow continues to pioneer product innovations and meet the demand of BoS for power plant design. Meanwhile, ESS (Energy Storage System) solution is another fast-growing business of Sungrow, which plays an important role in maintaining the stability of PV in grid access. In particular, the PV plus ESS solutions will solve the BoS and grid compatibility problems for IPPs.

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What are the key focus areas that are catered while developing a new product?

The LCOE has always been the core issue of power plant investment, while BoS and power plant generation are the key elements in the inverter segment. Reducing overall system costs and ensuring system generation efficiency is a vital guideline for inverter innovations.

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