Tech Choice: India’s Top Rooftop Solar Inverters of 2019


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Sungrow: SG110CX


The latest string inverter SG110CX, focusing on commercial & industrial segments have been a hit since its release due to the the contribution to a lower LCOE and optimal performance.

Equipped with 9 MPPTs, the commercial inverter can perfectly compatible with bifacial modules, which can address the issues caused by the different orientation and partial occlusion of rooftop power plant and ensure high yields.

The inverter can work with no derating at scorching heat due to the smart forced air-cooling design, which can lower the internal ambient temperature and core component temperature significantly.

The SG110CX provides an ingress protection rating of IP66 for all chambers and anti-corrosion design with C5 protection degree, making it ideal for applications in coastal areas, chemical industrial region and other typical harsh conditions.

Furthermore, the solution enables smart O&M through an online monitoring system as well. Sungrow’s monitoring solution supports I-V curve scanning and diagnosis which can finish a full-scale plant diagnosis in 15 minutes with an accuracy less than 0.5%. It makes easy to locate faults caused by dust shielding, glass panel cracking, dirt shielding, diode short circuit, gate line disconnect and PID attenuation in order to reduce power generation loss.

Ginlong Solis: Solis 5th Gen Inverters


1.Solis inverters comprise internationally renowned components.

2.The brand-new range boasts a staggering efficiency of 99.1%, making the product line one of the most efficient on the market.

3.Each two-way string corresponds to one MPPT and, as a result, each 1MW of power benefits from 112.5 MPPT — a figure far higher than that of competing products.

System friendly:

1.Solis’ 5th Gen range supports a 150% capacity ratio as well as a 110% overload operation for prolonged periods.

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2.The 100kW+ inverter communication mode supports optional PLC, meaning the communication cable is not required, thereby saving both time and money for customers.

3.The range also supports DC “Y” type access, as well as a large diameter AC aluminium alloy cable. The DC side of the inverter uses a 6mm2 DC cable to support the “Y” type access, saving 40% of the DC cable cost.

4.The product’s power factor is adjustable from 0.8 and above, providing customers with a wide range of fine-tuning space and a tremendous, reactive power compensation capability.

5.Solis’ 5G platform supports remote system upgrades and grid-point power control functions.


1.Solis is one of the first inverter manufacturers to promote an AFCI Application case with more than 10,000 inverters. The 5G inverter has an optional, integrated AFCI function, which can identify faults in the arc current while monitoring the PV model to inverse the fire at the input of the transformer. In the event of an arc fire, the inverter will cut off the circuit immediately to avoid 99% of the fire risk.

2.The fifth-generation inverter technology platform has a replaceable AC/DC secondary SPD. This feature provides a Level 1 lightning protection design for surge-prone areas to protect the inverter from the impact of lightning strikes.

3.Solis adopts intelligent redundant air cooling, too. Even if there is an external fan failure, the inverter can operate normally and is replaceable when the inverter is on standby to ensure consistent power generation.

4.Each DC input of the inverter is equipped with sensors. The current, voltage and power of each string can be observed from the monitoring system or the inverter display. The inverter simultaneously integrates the string cascade monitoring and intelligent IV curve scanning function to identify any string faults with scanning. The inverter can also provide corresponding solutions to ensure the system operates at its maximum performance.

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Growatt: MIN 2500-6000TL-X

According to PV Inverter Market Tracker by IHS Markit, Growatt is the world’s TOP 3 supplier of single-phase PV inverter. The company is dedicated to product innovations and has launched the most up-to-date residential inverter MIN 2500-6000TL-X in India. This advanced solar inverter for rooftop solar is a great success and has become increasingly popular in the market.

“Growatt high values R&D and product innovations. For MIN 2500-6000TL=X. our R&D team has put a large amount of time and energy in developing this new residential inverter. I think this is the best rooftop solar inverter of the year,” said Rucas Wang, Growatt regional director.

At glance, customers will find the inverter very appealing. It is designed with integrated top cover case, and there’re no screws on front cover case. The design has fewer gaps and provides better protection against water and dust. A closer look at the internal design, MIN 2500-6000TL-X adopts an optimized mechanical design with separate inductor compartment and invisible cable routing.

The advanced design of separate inductor compartment ensures efficient heat dissipation while avoiding the impact of heat on the main circuit. The invisible cable routing also helps dissipate heat quickly and has the function of anti-icing at low temperature. In addition to that, Growatt uses its patented inductance technology for the inverter. With this technology the circuit board can cool rapidly at high temperature and will not deform at low temperature. Therefore, the inverter can work under harsh conditions, such as salty air, humidity, high and low temperature etc.

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Aerospace grade materials are used for TL-X, making the inverter light, durable and flame-retardant. It is around 10.8kg, 35% lighter when compared with other old generation inverters. To achieve better HMI experience, it is designed with OLED display and touch button. OLED display is premium material and consumes less power. Its touch button is more durable and can last over three million clicks.

TL-X has great protection with Type II SPD on DC side, connection protection and optional AFCI. It has two MPP trackers and 1.4 DC/AC ratio. Its string current reaches 12.5A and is compatible with bifacial modules. For system monitoring and remote O&M, customers have multiple options such as WIFI-X, GPRS-X, 4G-X, RF or RS485. With the datalogger installed, customers can have access to Growatt Online Smart Service platform for reporting issues and troubleshooting.

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