Benefits Of Adopting Solar Rooftop

Mr. Yash Jain, CMO, MicroSun Solar Tech Pvt Ltd

In present times, the world has been adopting renewable power
at a rapid rate. India is also emerging in the global arena as a
leading generator of renewable energy.


The Factors are –


Cost Savings – The first and foremost benefit that rooftop solar panels bring with them is the cost saving. Compared to the industrial and commercial tariff rates the rooftop solar panels offer 12% to 24% cheaper tariff rates. Besides, these solar panels also help in cutting down electricity bills by providing the required electricity to the building.


Secured Investment– When it comes to electricity buying from the grid, it is harder to
keep a record of the expenditure with the fluctuating price of the electricity. But, with
rooftop solar panels, the power generated can be calculated easily without any problem.
Moreover, one can even calculate the cost of power generated by solar for the next 15

Government support– To support the adoption of rooftop solar panels, the government
is taking many steps, including schemes and new policies.

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Low maintenance cost– The key reason that allure most of the building owners towards
solar panels is the low maintenance cost. If maintained properly, they come with a life of
almost 25 years without any inconvenience.

Suitable climatic conditions in India – Solar panels absorb the sunlight and convert it
into electricity, which makes them ideal for the geographical location like India. There are
almost 300 sunny days on average in India receiving an ample amount of sunlight, which
is great for generating a large amount of power.

Reduces carbon footprints– Solar panels harness sunlight to generate electricity. So, they pose fewer pollution risks to the environment in comparison to conventional sources of
energy. Unlike a generator, they run without producing any noise and give out lesser emissions of harmful gases. Furthermore, it is a good source of energy that combats
climate change. Thus, rooftop solar is ideal as it reduces carbon footprints.

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In the coming years, solar energy will play a more significant part in ensuring the future of
sustainable energy and reduction of carbon emissions. From lighting to transportation, its
potential is as bright as the sun.

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