Delta Electronics India launches technology and solutions catering to the Electrical Industry and Power Sector Ecosystem


    Delta Electronics India, exhibited its diversified cutting-edge technology with a portfolio of energy-efficient solutions at Elecrama 2020, one of the premier shows catering to the latest technology, trends, and innovation for future energy transition. The show will be held from 18-22 January 2020 in Greater Noida. Under its brand campaign of “IoT-based Smart Green
    Solutions to Nurture Energy Efficiency in Cities,” Delta’s showcase focused on energy infrastructure, display & monitoring, communication & information, industrial automation, rail transport, building automation, and energy storage solutions to enable digitalized, energy-efficient operations and management for smart cities.


    Speaking on the occasion, Mr. R. Om Prakash, Managing Director, Delta Electronics India, said, “It’s an era of smart technology and solutions where India with its emphasis on Industry 4.0, IoT based solutions, EV adoption, Smart City development, electricity generation from Renewable Energy etc. is focusing to integrate the new age technology for a better and cleaner tomorrow. At Delta, we believe the future belongs to those who have the vision to deliver it. Being a progressive company, we use our hardware and software capabilities to collaborate with industry stakeholders and leverage our core competence in power electronics to bring out energy-efficient solutions and technology with our integrated and diversified portfolio, which we are showcasing at Elecrama 2020. We frequently use our global expertise and engineering prowess to introduce solutions that are sustainable in nature to support the industry ecosystem. With our consistent investments in India, we have been partnering with the GOI initiatives like “Make in India,” “Smart City Mission,” “E-Mobility Mission” that propel India’s growth story. Our new manufacturing plant in Krishnagiri and new R&D Lab in Bengaluru are a testimony to our commitment in Powering Green India.”

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    Mr. Niranjan S Nayak, Business Head, Delta Electronics India, remarked, “This year at Elecrama, the focus is to showcase our support in strengthening the energy infrastructure ecosystem. Our latest offering in E-Mobility Solutions includes AC MAX that will cater to the need of efficient public charging infrastructure, the 4K Laser DLP® Video wall that will enhance security and surveillance for Public Display Solutions, and with the 125kW String Inverter we shall continue our legacy in Renewable Energy Solutions. In addition, to meet the growing challenges of cooling technology in Data Centers, we present iCool Edge Solutions, and will be introducing Smart Meter Connectivity Solutions that makes the electricity grid more energy-efficient and reliable and at the same time benefits consumers. We are expecting a high footfall of visitors at Delta’s stall, and our expert team will be assisting them to understand their requirements and offer them the best in technology and solutions.


    Highlights of Delta Electronics India at Elecrama 2020 will include:

    Key Highlights:

    Energy Infrastructure Solutions
    Delta’s Energy Infrastructure Solutions include EV Charging Solutions, Renewable Energy Solutions and Smart Meter Connectivity Solutions.

    EV Charging Solutions

    A key launch from our global products will be AC Chargers that are suitable for both residential and commercial area applications. AC MAX is an innovative lightweight, wall-mount EV charger with a high power output of 22kW AC MAX that reduces charging time by up to 70% when compared to common 7kW AC chargers. Delta provides high efficiency, reliable, user-friendly EV Charging Solutions along with a Site Management System featuring three major advantages: fast and convenient charging process, real-time monitoring and control, and the smart grid capabilities for energy management and cost optimization.

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    Renewable Energy Solutions

    Delta has a range of solar PV inverters that boast not only industry-leading energy conversion efficiency but are also the market leaders in Residential, Commercial and Utility-scale (Indoor and Outdoor) PV inverters. Delta is leading in the rooftop segment and this year at Elecrama they will be extending the portfolio with our new 125kW String Inverter which is a cloud-connected three-phase string solution for cost-efficient decentralized photovoltaic systems for both ground-mounted and large commercial applications.

    Smart Meter Connectivity Solutions:

    DeltaGrid® Metering is a highly advanced, flexible, and comprehensive solution that includes meters, field area networking (FAN) modules, data concentrator units (DCU) and head-end systems (HES). Compatible with major ANSI and IEC-type meters, this solution is for real-time collection, transmission, monitoring, and control of smart metering data via advanced NB-IoT, 3G/GPRS, LTE, and RF Mesh technologies.

    Displays & Monitoring Solutions:

    The 4K Laser DLP® Video Wall fully supports 4K resolution, 4K control system, and Semi-Outdoor LED Displays for Public Information Displays. Delta has significant expertise in developing professional displays for control rooms in surveillance, security, traffic, command & control, utilities, process control, telecom, and broadcast applications.

    Communication & Information Solutions:

    Delta’s iCool Edge Solutions supports the new generation of data centers with flexible power and cooling designs, quick deployment, and scalable capacity for implementation anywhere. Delta’s efficient and highly reliable products and services range from uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) to InfraSuite Data Center Infrastructure Solutions.

    Other Highlights:

    Industrial Automation solutions:

    Delta showcased its diversified portfolio of Industrial Automation that includes AC Motors Drives, Servo & Motion Systems, CNC Solution with IIoT, Machine Vision Solutions, Sensors & Measurement Devices, Articulated Robot, PLC, HMI and Industrial Network Products.

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    Rail Transport Solutions:

    Delta’s Rail Transport Solutions has successfully installed the first 25kV direct connected Power
    Quality Restorer on the Indian Railway network, to address the issues of Power Factor & Harmonics. Being a transformer-less fully variable active solution, it boasts of high energy efficiency and meets the latest IEEE & CEA norms for reactive and harmonic compensation.

    Building Automation Solutions:

    Delta’s Building Automation Solutions will be presenting IoT leverage in connected buildings to auto monitor and control subsystems such as electromechanical, HVAC, lighting, security, elevator, fire, IAQ, field sensors & controllers, and remote management. Delta will showcase IoT-based building management and control platform via the open communication protocols BACnet and Modbus.

    Energy Storage Solutions:

    Delta’s Energy Storage System (ESS) offers high-efficiency power conditioning capabilities for
    demand management, power dispatch, renewable energy smoothing, and more. The ESS integrates bidirectional power conditioning and battery devices, site controllers, and a cloud management system to provide comprehensive energy storage for residential, commercial and utility applications. The Li-ion battery portfolio covers cells, modules, cabinets (indoor/outdoor) and containers.

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