Microgrids are Quickly Becoming a Top Solution to Energy Problems


Microgrids are becoming essential for millions of people around the world. After earthquakes and aftershocks left Puerto Rico without power, microgrids installed at 10 schools continue to run, providing power to residents. When PG&E shut off power in California to battle high winds and fires, Northern California’s Blue Lake Rancheria tribe helped thousands of people with its microgrid. Companies such as CleanSpark Inc. are conducting feasibility studies on how microgrids can power the Shoreline United School District and its surrounding communities. While no one keeps count of how many microgrids operate in the state, notes The Washington Post, many large universities, medical centers, and public safety operators have them. “The idea is simple. Microgrids are connected to the larger utility system when the electricity is on, contributing power in some cases. When there is a power cut, microgrids can become ‘islands’ — disconnect from the system and use solar-generated energy stored in batteries to operate independently.”  Over time, microgrids may just change the way the world generates energy altogether. That’s creating sizable multi-billion-dollar opportunity for top companies like CleanSpark, Inc.Eaton Corporation PLC General Electric CompanyLockheed Martin Corporation, and FuelCell Energy Inc..

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CleanSpark, Inc. announced today that Nasdaq has approved its application to have its common stock listed on the Nasdaq Capital Market. CleanSpark expects to commence trading on Nasdaq under the symbol “CLSK” at the opening of trading on Friday, January 24, 2020. “We are very excited with the listing of our shares on the Nasdaq, as this represents another significant milestone for CleanSpark. This up-listing to Nasdaq is a major corporate achievement reflecting growing momentum and financial performance throughout 2019. We are continuing to leverage our software portfolio and cutting-edge products throughout the distributed energy market and positioning the Company for continued revenue growth in 2020 and beyond. We believe our Nasdaq listing will help to increase long-term shareholder value by improving awareness, liquidity, and expanding our investor base to include more institutional investors” said Zachary Bradford, CEO of CleanSpark Inc.


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