Our Aim is to Provide Good Quality Products, Prompt Service Support with Long Vision Reliable Products


    Sofarsolar is part of the Sofar Group, a highly diversified company who are No.1 in the GPS business. They have been involved in the communications and renewable energy fields since 2007 and entered the PV inverter business in 2012 with the establishment of Sofarsolar, specializing in R&D, production, sales and service of grid-tied inverters. SOFAR is a very pioneer group in the GPS sector in China & we would like to accept new challenges in the market. So we have started PV market business & doing successful business globally. In order to support the current growth of the Indian PV market, SOFARSOLAR has recently taken steps to strengthen its business position in the country with a new office and leadership. 


    10GW Manufacturing  capacity.


    Looking to expand its footprint in the Indian PV market, SOFARSOLAR, added an office, warehouse, Service Staff and expanding team.


    New versions of Inverters which are very compact in size make SOFARSOLAR differentiate from others.

    SOFARSOLAR is positioned to play an important and leading role in the Indian solar industry.

    As a high – tech international corporation, SOFARSOLAR is equipped with leading technology of grid tied inverters. The R&D team of SOFARSOLAR has strong development capability. Around 100 experienced engineers are working with more than nine series products. And around 400 employees in the factory increased our production capacity to 8GW annually.

    From day one our company has put quality as the most important criteria in our design, production and daily operations. Our international R&D team designed the product from bottom up. We hand-picked each component and we drew every bit of the circuitry. Therefore we understand exactly how the device shall perform in every situation. We sourced all our electronic materials from U.S., Germany and Japan, such as Fairchild, Infineon, Texas instruments, Panasonic, Nichicon, Tamura, Microsemi, Amphenol, Sanyo. We are certainly not the cheapest inverters you can find in China. But if you consider quality is important, you will not regret working with us.

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    New versions of Inverters which are very compact in size make SOFARSOLAR differentiate from others.

    SOFARSOLAR is positioned to play an important and leading role in the Indian solar industry.Having global experience, innovative solutions, and dedication to developing a local presence, SOFARSOLAR is well poised to support the Indian PV market in its rapid growth. SOFARSOLAR recent move to strengthen its position in the Indian PV market with a local team signifies our commitment to the solar sector in India. 

    We are a continuous growing company and we have a variety of products like NEW ENERGY AUTOMOBILE  (Supercharger) products & HYBRID INVERTER, STORAGE INVERTER & ON GRID string inverter developments in our basket.

    A snapshot of the company’s business and service market sectors

    • Company Own warehouse so we are not dependent on third-party warehouse/bounded type warehouse & Indian registered Company.
    • To cater to the Indian Market we have established ‘’Sofarsolar India Pvt. Ltd’’ our Marketing and Service Center in Ahmedabad,Gujarat.
    • We are not offering a third party service contract or Salary contract. 
    • Own service setup, Prompt service response.
    • We have an online service platform to give our customers quick and good after-sales services.
    • They can get inverter’s warranty info just by inputting SN online.
    • They can purchase warranty extension service online.
    • And they can submit inverter problems online and real-time service processing information online.
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    Vision Statement:

    We are believing in PROMPT SERVICE SUPPORT with LONGVISION Reliable Product Business Policy. Grow together with a lesser complaint  ratio.

    Mission Statement: 

    We are performing very well in the India renewable market . SOFARSOLAR is a fastest growing product with good qualities, lesser service complaints & prompt service solutions.  No compromise in quality to make a cheap product , no compromise in product component material, wide display is OUR KEY Features. Sofarsolar has a good strong market in ROOFTOP Solar business & also in the EPC Sector.

    Business Goals & Objectives:

    In the 2020 year SOFARSOLAR is very aggressive with a new  agenda for Business expansion with new innovative products & some up-gradation on current products.  We have good installation in ROOFTOP Market &  also last year business increased  particularly in the rooftop segment. Current year also good business projection in rooftop market, Utility Segment, EV Chargers.  Rooftop is a very huge market in India & also the government is very supportive of rooftop subsidy policy.

    Quality Policy Of The Company: For BIS Certification our products testing process in the Laboratory. 

    Service Pledge:

    If manufacturers compromise in quality to make cheap rate products then it’s very  difficult to take a stand in the market with long vision work & warranty duration. Nowadays it’s very difficult to get proper products at a cheap rate.  For good product manufacturers focusing on control on  lower marginal game, no extra expenses & how can save an extra cost and not impact on business strategy. For manufacturers in india market  also need to invest  higher cost in BIS certification & also invest in another product generation,  also another side  to compete with cheap rate brand products. “Serving good quality products on a lower margin with prompt service support” tagline will give  good business in tough competition. 

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    Customers & Projects

    Ambitious projects:

    • The Indian solar energy segment is considered to be a market with one of the fastest growth potentials in the world due the country’s ever-increasing demand for energy.We are  in  “TOP POSITIONING” market in Gujarat, Punjab-Haryana, Maharashtra and Chennai-Kerala. Even though we have good installations based in the North-East region.  
    • SOFARSOLAR is continuously winning most selling Inverters in Gujarat under GEDA rooftop policy & other states also have a good quantum installation database with prompt service support. 
    • SOFARSOLAR is well positioned to become a major player in commercial roof-top & Utility-scale PV installations.
    • SOFARSOLAR :- Largest installation  with  TOP Position in SKY PROJECT(KUSUM YOJANA ) Scheme in  Gujarat, Higher installation in ROOFTOP Projects.

    Our aim is to provide GOOD QUALITY Products, PROMPT SERVICE SUPPORT with LONGVISION Reliable Products . Grow together with a lesser complaint  ratio.

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