PGCIL Issues Tender for Evacuation of Power From Solar SEZ in Rajasthan


Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. (PGCIL) issued tender  for transmission Line Package TW01 for (i) Ramgarh-II SEZ PP-Fatehgarh-II 400kV D/c line (Twin HTLS) & (ii) Ramgarh-II-Jaisalmer-II (RVPNL) 400kV D/c line (Twin HTLS) under Transmission Scheme for evacuation of power from solar energy zones in Rajasthan (8.1 GW) under Phase II Part-A through tariff based competitive bidding (TBCB).The location of this project is Rajasthan.


Pre bid meeting for the same is scheduled on 08-Jun-2020 at 11:30 am.Last date for submitting the soft copy for this tender is 17-Jun-2020 at 11:00 AM and  last date of bid submission for hard copy is 19-Jun-2020 at 11:00 AM.

The scope shall for successful bidder includes planning, design, engineering, manufacturing, supply & testing of OPGW cable & associated items and documentation of:


(i.) 24F OPGW cable/ 48F OPGW Cable

(ii.) All associated hardware, fittings and accessories required for installation of OPGW cable.

(iii.) Joint box for above OPGW cable

(iv.) Fibre Optic approach cable including associated installation material (as

required if specified in BoQ).

(v.) Fibre Optic Distribution Panels (FODP) (as required if specified in BoQ).

The eligibility criteria to participate in this tender is OPGW manufacturer should be a “Local Supplier” as per latest DP IIT and DoT notification.OPGW manufacturer must have manufactured, type tested (as per IEC or equivalent standard) and supplied at least 100 Kms of OPGW during last seven years and the same must be in satisfactory operation$ for at least two years on 66kV or above transmission line(s), as on the date of NOA.OPGW manufacturer must have manufactured, type tested (as per IEC or equivalent standard) and supplied at least 100 Kms of OPGW as on the date of NOA. Further, extended warranty of two years over and above the warranty period specified for OPGW shall be submitted.

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The Qualified Manufacturer shall be a manufacturer of conductor for the last five

Years and should have manufactured, tested and supplied at least 200 km of High temperature low sag (HTLS) conductor of same technology as that of the conductor being offered in this package having minimum 37 number of strands or 200 sq. mm. aluminum cross section area in

last 10 years as on date of NOA and the same should have been in satisfactory

operation$ for a period of at least 2 years as on date of NOA.

The document stated that splicing of the optical fibre cabling shall be minimized through careful Contractor planning.There shall be no mid-span splices allowed. All required splices shall be planned to occur on tower structures. All optical fibre splicing shall comply with the following:

(a) All fibre splices shall be accomplished through fusion splicing.

(b) Each fibre splice shall be fitted with a splice protection sheath fitted over the final splice.

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(c) All splices and bare fibre shall be neatly installed in covered splice trays.

(d) For each link, bi-directional attenuation of single mode fusion splices, shall not average

more than 0.05 dB and no single splice loss shall exceed 0.1 dB when measured at 1550 nm.

(e) For splicing, fibre optic cable service loops of adequate length shall be provided so that

all splices occurring at tower structures can be performed at ground level.

The document mentions that for towers & foundations designed by the Contractor, Contractor shall develop structural drawings, shop drawings & Bill of Materials of all transmission line

towers and their extensions. The Contractor may also use tested tower designs meeting specification requirements without any financial implication to POWERGRID. Also no recovery on account of design/ testing shall be made in case of use of tested tower designs meeting specification requirements.

Document highlighted that prior to installation, every spooled fibre optic cable segment shall be tested for compliance with the Pre-shipment data previously received from the manufacturer. This requirement will preclude the installation of out of specification cable segments that may have been damaged during shipment.

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In May, The Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) has passed an order for granting regulatory approval to the Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (PGCIL) for the execution of the transmission system for solar energy zones (SEZ) in Rajasthan.The Central Government has, as a part of 175 GW, set a target for the addition of 66.5 GW of RE and out of the projected 66.5 GW RE generation, the development of the transmission system associated with 8.1 GW is involved in the State of Rajasthan.

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