European IPP Amarenco sets up APAC HQ in Singapore


Amarenco is committed to deploying over US$ 1 bn of capital over the next 5 years for both organic and inorganic opportunities across the APAC region. “Amarenco will apply its core strategy to the region, i.e. develop projects on its own, provide funding to local developers, acquire projects and operational assets as well as acquire local or regional platforms. The APAC team will engage with senior and junior lenders, as well as potentially team up with LPs who are interested to participate in a cross regional fixed-income platform to tap into vast unserved segments of this region”, said Alain Desvigne, CEO of Amarenco Group.


An experienced and seasoned Management Team, headed by Steve Iyer, is working in Asia-Pacific with Singapore as the hub for all Amarenco activities in the region. Amarenco APAC will focus on 3 segments, i.e. (1) Commercial & Industrial (C&I), (2) farm owners and operators (Agrisolar) and (3) Public Institutions, using long-term power purchase agreements (PPAs) at a discount to the current price of electricity purchased by the energy consumers. Amarenco will thus not only supply low carbon electricity but also deliver significant savings to its Clients.

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“Singapore is well positioned as the leading project development and financing hub for the Asia-Pacific region which is regarded as the next growth frontier in renewable energy. Companies can also leverage Singapore’s strengths in market access, technology and ability to attract international talent. We are confident that Amarenco’s new regional headquarters in Singapore will help increase the vibrancy of our industry,” said Steve Iyer, CEO of Amarenco APAC.


Amarenco’s APAC Management Team has extensive experience in Asia and the international solar market and built strong relationships with local decision makers in the private and public sector, resulting in the ability to rapidly develop and build a strong portfolio of C&I solar power plants across Asia Pacific.

Amarenco actually starts in the region with its first acquisition, a 50 MW project portfolio with tier-one corporate clients located in Thailand, is currently in advanced discussion with blue-chip companies for multiple manufacturing and industrial sites across the whole region and is in discussions with several developers of large pipelines in Taiwan and Japan.

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