LYS Energy Global Green Bond certified by the Climate Bonds Initiative


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LYS Energy Group has obtained the certification of its LYS Energy Global Green Bond framework from the Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI) consultancy. The proceeds of the green bond will be allocated exclusively to finance or refinance the company’s and its subsidiaries’ own renewable energy projects across South East Asia.


A “green bond”, as a debt security instrument in capital markets is increasingly attracting interest from investors as it allows them to participate in the “green” ecosystem.

Lionel Steinitz, CEO of LYS Energy Group said “Our company is proud to play a leading role in the establishment of such innovative financial instrument with the certification of LYS Energy Global Green Bond. As part of the LYS Green Finance Programme, this new financing framework is established to speed up our ability to invest in our renewable energy assets and deploy our set of innovative solutions for the benefit of our clients. Further, it emphasises our Group’s leadership and solid finance expertise put to the benefit of innovation towards preserving the environment and addressing climate change challenges.

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Now more than ever during the current unprecedented global pandemic, aligned with our company’s contribution to developing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), this landmark represents an important move forward in achieving our Group’s expansion to accelerate low-carbon business activities’ adoption in Asia.”

The Group is continuing its expansion as a regional platform and is currently developing over 250 MWp of clean energy projects across SEA.

The Climate Bonds Initiative has reviewed and certified LYS Energy Global Green Bond framework’s alignment with the Group’s sustainability commitment and vision with the Green Bond Principles and Climate Bonds Standard.

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