Turkey’s EMRA Issues New Regulation for Hybrid Power Plants


The Energy Market Regulatory Board (EMRA) of Turkey issued a regulation for the use of hybrid technology in power plants in its recent announcement titled “New era in the energy sector”.


According to regulation, renewable energy facilities to be built in the areas where the power plants are located will increase the new investment and employment opportunities. Companies producing electricity from other sources will be allowed to establish their solar power plants. 


Power plant licenses will be evaluated separately from wind, solar, hydroelectric, thermal, biomass, geothermal, and nuclear energy sources.


Power plant fields will be determined according to the energy source within the framework of the new methodology and technology type. The size of the land will depend on the type of source and technology. 

EMRA will make sure that the investor’s field is tailored to the methodology, after his review according to the criteria he has determined. It will establish a control mechanism to determine power plant sites with this regulation. 

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Mustafa Yılmaz, Chairman of EMRA who evaluated the subject, stated that the regulation is of great importance in terms of bringing inactive areas to the economy. 

He highlighted that the new facilities to be established will also bring new job and employment opportunities.

“With this regulation, we are opening the way for our country to benefit more from renewable energy sources. We accelerate the investment environment with the possibility of additional investment in existing facilities. We believe that more investments and employment will come from investors. ”, he added.

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