CERC Approves Modified Procedure for Issuance of REC


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The Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) recently approved the modification in REC procedure for issuance. 


This procedure will provide guidance to the entities to implement Renewable Energy Certificate mechanism as envisaged under Central Electricity Regulatory Commission  and is termed as ‘Procedure for Issuance of Renewable Energy Certificates to the Eligible Entities’

This procedure will be applicable to RE projects and distribution Licensees who have received “Certificate of Registration” from the Central Agency, and will be eligible to avail Renewable Energy Certificates from the date of commercial operation.

The modified procedure is as follows:

Step 1: The eligible entity shall apply for Issuance of REC on the Web Based Application as per the details given in the Energy Injection Report (EIR) issued by the SLDC/RLDC/Recommendation of SERC for issuance of RECs.They shall also submit the same information in physical form with the Central Agency. 

Step 2: After receipt of physical application from the Eligible Entity, the Central Agency shall undertake a preliminary scrutiny within 6 working days to ensure that the Application Form is complete in all respect along with necessary documents and applicable fees and charges.

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Step 3: After conducting the preliminary scrutiny, the Central Agency shall intimate in writing to the Applicant for submission of any further information or clarification, if necessary, to further consider the application for issuance of Renewable Energy Certificates or reject the application.

Step 4:  While considering any application for issuance of Renewable Energy Certificate, the Central Agency shall verify following information:

  1. Verification of the time period for which the Central Agency may have
  2. already issued Renewable Energy Certificates to the concerned Eligible Entity.
  3. Verification of Renewable Energy Certificates claimed by the Eligible Entity from the duly certified Energy Injection Reports by the concerned SLDC/RLDC in respect of concerned Eligible Entity
  4. Details of fee & charges made for issuance of certificates
  5. Confirmation of Compliance Auditor report, if any

Step 5: The Central Agency shall issue Renewable Energy Certificates to the Eligible Entity after confirming the duly certified EIR forwarded by the SLDC/RLDC/Recommendation of SERC for issuance of RECs.

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Step 6: The Central Agency shall issue the Renewable Energy Certificates to the Eligible Entity within fifteen working days from the date of receipt of physical application form along with complete information necessary for processing of application for issuance of RECs.

To know more about REC procedure refer to the document below:

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