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    It is said that if a person is determined then nothing is impossible. One such name in Rajasthan’s Solar EPC, Bull Power Solar. Bull Power, with its vision and mission, made a mark in Rajasthan’s solar business, it is no longer an introduction. Starting from a small district like Bikaner, Bull Power is today one of the leading solar companies in entire Rajasthan. The company started in the year 2018. The company’s goal was to take the current level of the solar power plant to a higher level, and the general public should reach its finer points.


    Bull Power was founded by Sharad Acharya, who is the founder of his business from a small shop, Sharad Acharya is a known name of Rajasthan Solar Industry today. Bull Power set up more than 250 solar power plants in its city of Bikaner in a short span of time and today company having 30% market share in Bikaner only.

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    Sharad Acharya explains that he faced a lot of difficulty in the initial phase, it was very difficult to establish his own identity among the already established companies in the market, but the quality and great services was a weapon through which Bull Power maintains its unique identity.

    In this journey, we consider Jackson Solar to be an important contributor, who always helped us a lot with quality products and technically, as a result of which Jackson’s market share also increased compared to other solar companies in Bikaner. Due to the excellent functioning of Bull Power, Jackson Company also made Bull Power a representative of its entire Rajasthan.

    This gave the company a new energy and today in Rajasthan.

    During the year 2019-20, there was a 10 times jump in the company business, during which the company was awarded a lot of awards at the state and inter-state level. October 2019 , Company new corporate office was inaugurated by Energy Minister of Rajathan Dr. B.D. Kalla. In just 6 months of the start of corporate office, the company focused its attention on the increasing power consumption of industries, and made them aware of solar power plants in collaboration with different industries leaders.

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    Managing Director of the company Dinesh Bishnoi told about the future project of the company, he said that the hard work never goes in vain and the same happened with Bull Power, Rajasthan’s industrialists understood the benefits of solar energy and installed solar power plants, meanwhile Bull Power got a large market share due to its quality and services. The company currently has pre-orders for industrial solar power plants above 5MW, and at the same time the company is also in a very strong position in Le Solar Park to be set up under the KUSUM scheme in Rajasthan.

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