Trina Solar’s Vertex Modules Deliver 600W+ Power Output

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    Trina Solar Co., Ltd has launched two next generation 600W Vertex modules, which are solar panels with higher efficiency, higher power output. 


    The first is a bifacial module that can generate up to 600W from the front surface and additional power from the back-surface. The other panel is mono-facial with up to 605W power output. 


    The next-generation Vertex modules incorporate many innovations like 210mm diameter silicon wafers, high-density packaging and multi-busbar technologies. The modules can deliver photoelectric conversion efficiency of more than 21 percent. Vertex aids in reducing balance-of-system (BOS) costs by virtue of low-voltage and high-module string power output. 


    The next-generation Vertex series modules deliver three key benefits:

    • Higher power output 
    • Lower balance of system cost 
    • Great reliability thanks to proven technology 

    Trina Solar, in collaboration with key players across the solar industry, asserts that the Vertex modules will help reduce the levelized cost of energy across various applications, and consequently, maximize customer value.

    Signing the 600W+ Photovoltaic Open Innovation Ecological Alliance

    Industry leaders, including Trina Solar, recently formalized their industry-wide collaboration under the auspices of the 600W+ Photovoltaic Open Innovation Ecological Alliance. This is a formation of 39 industry leading firms that aim to establish an innovative ecosystem through open collaboration, synergizing the industry supply chain and reinforcing core processes such as R&D, manufacturing and applications.

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    Members of the alliance have pledged to work together to build products, systems and standards that will support next-generation technology.  Each company is committed to maximizing the customer value for 600W+ ultra high-power modules and other related solutions. 

    The PV industry earlier this year embraced 500W+ modules. The ability to launch 600W+ modules in the same year, demonstrates Trina Solar and the industry’s ability to work together and innovate.  

    Unveiling the TrinaPro Mega, an ultra-high-power smart PV solution

    The company has also launched globally TrinaPro Mega, an integrated solar system that incorporates modules exceeding 500W. 

    The ‘all in one’ solution includes all the components and parts that make up the solar system: the modules, inverter, cabling, trackers, mounting system, etc. 

    TrinaPro Mega is ideal for utility-scale projects in India or commercial and industrial projects of 1MW or more. 

    It delivers lower balance of system (BOS) costs thanks to the higher power output modules, the use of smart trackers and better systems integration.

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    There is a new, longer Nclave tracker incorporated into TrinaPro Mega so you can have more modules per tracker – up to 120 modules per tracker as compared to around 90 previously. 

    The ‘smart tracking’ technology uses advanced algorithms to position the Vertex bifacial modules to maximize the amount of light harvested from the front and back side of the module. 

    TrinaPro Mega also comes with TrinaPro SCADA, a real-time performance monitoring system to optimize operation and maintenance (O&M).

    There are various mounting systems for TrinaPro Mega so it can cope with India’s challenging terrain, such as hilly ground. The mounting systems are quick to install, so your utility project can come into revenue service sooner. 

    A brand that you can trust

    Trina Solar is a leader in the global solar industry and has been in business for more than 20 years. The company is publicly-listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange’s STAR Market, which is for innovative technology companies. Bloomberg New Energy Finance has rated Trina Solar as a ‘top performer’ in terms of bankability for the past four consecutive years.

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    Trina Solar creates greater value for customers through the reliability and high performance of its products and services as well as through continuous innovation. The company has a presence globally and has been quick to seize on new market opportunities and deliver value to customers. 

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