DhaSh : India’s Leading PV Junction box Manufacturer


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    With objective to deliver indigenously well designed and developed reliable products to improve system efficiencies, Started operation in the year 2017 at state-of-the-art production facilities of 2 GW in Bangalore, India.  Our robust in-house processes & systems, high grade testing equipment and stringent quality checks have created enormous confidence among our clients. We are associated with more than 100 module manufacturers in India and expanding our footprint globally with catering demands of overseas customers.


    Modern, future-ready solutions and continual product development make DhaSh the preferred choice for discerning buyers



    Manufacture and supply energy efficient high-quality solar products that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers


    We intend to build long term association with our customers and clients to provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovation and adhered technology and commit to create a good life for future generation.

    State of the Art Facility 

    Owning to the state-of -the-art manufacturing facility of 2 GW, DhaSh is the largest PV Junction box manufacturer in India. Our manufacturing facility equipped with globally benchmarked machineries which known for energy efficient solutions. We, at DhaSh, follow strict production guidelines of Quality standards and IEC standards for Products with successful third-party assessments. By procuring reliable quality raw material and conducting stringent quality checks in our state-of -the-art In-house testing laboratory, we ensure excellence across our products and services.

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    Research & Developments

    Innovation, Quality & Reliability is at heart of component design at DhaSh. We invest in significant research, development, and engineering to meet the rigorous demands of our customers’ increasingly complex technology. Our expertise in materials science research, advanced design methods, and global manufacturing capability allow us to create the rugged and reliable solutions for Solar PV Industry.

    DhaSh offers a comprehensive portfolio of PV Junction box with multiple variants such as Pre-Potted, Non-Potted, Fully Potted & Split Junction box with 1500 VDC & 1000 VDC Rated Voltage conforms to IEC 62790.

    Technical Advancements:

    The emergence of new cell architectures has enabled higher efficiency levels. A major driver of this shift has been the emergence of the PERC cells and their compatibility with

    other emerging innovations, such as half –cut cells which made it possible to design solar panel with power rating as high as 500 watt. Rated current of such high power module is increased by around 50% compared to conventional solar panels which need higher rating Junction box. Technological Innovation is core competency of DhaSh. To fill this technical gap, We developed 15A/20A/24A rated Junction box with excellent thermal conductivity which can fulfil requirements of such high power module as well as 12V (72 cell) Solar panels.

    Looking ahead, the most important technological shift in the market relates to Bifacial Solar modules.  As the name suggests, these modules efficiently absorb energy from both the front as well as the rear face. DhaSh Split Junction box is most suitable for such technological advanced panels. Its ultra-thin design and compact appearance occupies less space and casts less shade on the back solar cells which gives more output from solar panel.

    We welcome the recent announcements by the Indian Government to be Self-Reliant by developing sources locally and reduce dependency on imports. Simultaneously We are expanding our manufacturing capacity to 5 GW by end of 2020 to support Indian module manufacturing capacity at maximum.

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