Week In India: Chhattisgarh Amends RPO Regulation, Power Minister Launches Green Term Ahead Market, Indian Railway Solarises More Than 960 Stations And More


ApTEL Passes Order To Revoke RECs Issued To APSPDCL


Appellate tribunal for Electricity(ApTEL) recently directed the Central Agency to revoke the balance disputed RECs issued and unsold for the Financial year 2018-19 to APSPDCL and revoke the registration as per CERC REC regulations 2010. ApTEL stated that the Certificates which are sold by the APSPDCL need not to disturbed. For balance disputed RECs issued and unsold for the financial year of 2018-19, the Central Agency shall initiate revocation proceedings and cancel/revoke the registration.


Chhattisgarh Amends RPO Regulation


Chhattisgarh State Electricity Regulatory Commission (CSERC), in an announcement, amends the RPO target for Captive generating plants(CGPs) under CSERC(Renewable Purchase Obligation and REC Framework Implementation) (First Amendment) Regulations, 2020.Some important regulation are as Captive users, consuming electricity from captive generating plants (CGP), commissioned before 1st April 2016, shall have RPO target applicable for FY 2015-16, which is 1% solar and 6.25% non-solar, CGPs commissioned after lst April 2016 onward, the RPO levels as specified in these Regulations or MoP trajectory, whichever is higher, for the year of commissioning of the CGPs shall be applicable. 


GERC Orders MPSEZ To Comply Shortfall Of 1.441 MUs In Solar RPO

Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission (GERC) recently passed an order on compliance of the Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission (Procurement of Energy from Renewable Energy Sources) Regulations, 2010 and its subsequent amendments notified by the Commission. The Commission ordered that the Solar RPO need not be revised to 2.07% and therefore decided to maintain the Solar RPO at the level of 1.75% as stipulated in the Regulations. The entities must fulfill the Solar RPO at 1.75% of their energy consumption of FY 2017-18. Commission directed to MPSEZ Utilities Pvt. Limited to comply with the shortfall of 1.441 MUs in Solar RPO within FY 2020-21.

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The Commencement of Green Markets Has Positioned India of the League of Countries With Developed Electricity Market : R.K.Singh

R.K. Singh, Minister of State Independent Charge for Power and New & Renewable Energy and Minister of State-Independent Charge for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship launched the green markets on Tuesday, September 01, 2020 in a digital event organized by the Ministry of Power.The Ministry of Power and Ministry of Renewable Energy will continue to focus on strengthening our energy market given the advantages like competitive prices, transparency, flexibility, and payment security that it offers. “the distribution companies are also moving towards the short-term market and do not want to be tied down under long-term contracts.” added the Minister.

NHPC Signs PPA With Eden Renewable and AltraXergi Power Private Limited

NHPC Limited, India’s premier Hydropower utility has signed Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) on 31.08.2020 with Eden Renewable Passy Private Limited for 300 MW and with Altra Xergi Power Private Limited(SPV of O2 Power SG PTE LTD.)for 380 MW for procurement of Solar Power at the tariff of Rs. 2.55/kWhat NHPC corporate office for 25 years on long term basis.The Power purchased by NHPC shall be supplied to Madhya Pradesh for which Power Sale Agreement (PSA) have already been signed.

Union Power Minister Launches Green Term Ahead Market

As a first step towards Greening the Indian short term power Market, R. K. Singh, the Minister of State (IC) Power and New & Renewable Energy & Minister of State (Skill Development and Entrepreneurship), launched pan-India Green Term Ahead Market (GTAM) in electricity through video conference in New Delhi on 1st September 2020.While speaking after the launch  Singh said, “The introduction of GTAM platform would lessen the burden on RE-rich States and incentivize them to develop RE capacity beyond their own RPO. This would promote RE merchant capacity addition and help in achieving RE capacity addition targets of the country.” 

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CSIR-CMERI Develops World’s Largest Solar Tree

  CSIR-Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (CMERI) has developed the World’s Largest Solar Tree, which is installed at CSIR-CMERI Residential Colony, Durgapur. Prof.(Dr.) Harish Hirani, Director, CSIR-CMERI, while elaborating about the technology stated that, “The installed capacity of the Solar Tree is above 11.5 kWp. It has the annual capacity to generate 12,000-14,000 units of Clean and Green Power”.TheseSolar Trees can be aligned with Agriculture for substituting price-volatile fossil fuels. Each Solar Tree has the potential to save 10-12 tons of CO2 emissions being released into the atmosphere as Greenhouse Gases when compared with fossil fuel fired energy generation.Besides, the surplus generated power can be fed into an Energy Grid.

Indian Railway Solarises More Than 960 Stations

In order to achieve its objective of becoming 100% self-sustainable for all it’s power needs and also to contribute to national solar power goals, Indian Railways has solarised more than 960 stations till date . Orders have been placed for 198 MW solar rooftop capacity for 550 stations which are under execution.Indian Railways has a mega plan for installing solar plants of 20 GW capacity by utilizing its vacant land by 2030. Some of the Stations solarised are Varanasi, New Delhi,Old Delhi , Jaipur ,Secunderabad , Kolkata , Guwahati , Hyderabad , Howrah etc. 

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MADC Seeks Approval For Its Power Procurement Plan

Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission has received a petition from  Maharashtra Airport Development Company Ltd seeking approval for its power procurement plan and for undertaking competitive bidding for Short Term Power Procurement for six months starting from 1 September, 2020 to 28 February, 2021.The Commission directs MADC to work on establishing a separate connectivity link with the State Transmission System before the end of this extended period of PPA and it may reduce disallowance in power procurement by procuring part of its power requirement through power exchanges or speed up process of fresh competitive bidding and enter into fresh contract. Commission concluded by directing MADC to file its MYT Petition on or before 30 November 2020. 

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