FoxESS Produces High-Quality, Cost-Effective Residential Solar Inverter and Battery Storage Systems, As Well As Battery Cells


    Tsingshan Group is a Fortune 500 company with more than 56,000 employees and annual sales revenues in 2019 of 37.6 billion USD.  It is the world’s largest stainless steel manufacturer and operates the world’s largest nickel mining and production hub in Indonesia, and now, the company is aggressively stepping into position for the energy transition. The company has made major investments in Qingmei Energy Materials, a producer of lithium NCM battery materials, and Ruipu Energy, a manufacturer of both NCM and LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) batteries. Tsinghan Group’s latest investment is FoxESS, a company formed in 2019 with over hundred experienced engineers that specialize in the development, production,and distribution of distributed generation products and solutions for the solar projects.


    At FoxESS we produce high-quality, cost-effective residential solar inverter and battery storage systems, as well as battery cells.  Our products have launched into a number of key global markets and we have established service and distribution centres in strategic locations around the world.  Our aim is to lead the way in service levels by offering local support networks for our customers; coupled with an unwavering commitment to product quality by pushing back the boundaries at our advanced R&D centre, pioneering new technologies that enhance performance and longevity.

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    We want FoxESS to be most valuable and recognizable company in the solar inverter and energy storage sectors and to make solar power available to everyone.


    We want to be most valuable company rather than set a specific target in sales. We want to make the products that can affect everyone and improve people’s lives.


    a.  Company’s Products & Services

    1-25kw on-grid and storage systems. LFP/NCM battery cells. 

    b.  Quality Policy Of The Company:

    We have the required QC and product certifications for all key global markets, including the certification for battery cells in Japan, a very high standard to obtain.

    c.  Service Pledge: How the company will deliver the highest quality of service

    We look to globally recognized brands such as Lenovo, Tesla and Apple to see how those companies are structured and how they deliver their service to clients.  We are committed to achieving industry leading levels of service by establishing a global network of local service centres and by offering 24 hour remote support through digital channels, and we will ensure that our technical resources are available online through an extensive knowledge base.  In addition, through the FoxESS Cloud, systems connected to our online monitoring portal will allow for remote upgrade, diagnostics and configuration, minimizing the need for costly site visits. 

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