Egypt’s Minister of Electricity And Renewal Energy Inaugurates National Smart Meter Infrastructure Project


Following the completion of the first stage of the National Smart Meter Infrastructure project, Egypt’s Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy, Dr. Mohamed Shaker, recently inaugurated the project.


The inauguration started with a presentation held by Giza Systems at the Ministry headquarters, followed by an inspection visit made by the Minister to the main project site: the main data center in Nasr City. Giza Systems gave a one-hour live demo of the deployed central smart metering system.


Among the attendees were Eng. Osama Asran, Deputy Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy, Eng. Gaber Desouky, CEO of the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company (EEHC) and Dr. Khaled Al-Destawi, Vice President of EEHC and Member of the Distribution Affairs for the Distributor Companies. From Wadi El Nile for Contracting and Real Estate Investment attended Eng. Hany Dahy the CEO of the Company and Eng. Ihab Saad, Head of the IT sector.


During his visit, Dr. Mohamed Shaker expressed great pride of this accomplishment; a first of its kind strategic project in Egypt and the Middle East that is considered core for the modern power grid, implemented by an all Egyptian company.

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Giza Systems was chosen by Wadi El Nile for Contracting and Real Estate Investment, the main contractor of the project, to execute the complete infrastructure, data centers and central smart metering systems for six distributor companies and the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company, back in 2018. Partnering with Oracle, Schneider and Cisco, Giza systems was able to support the national infrastructure with 250,000 smart meters as a first stage, covering 7 sites: Nasr City, Obour, Sheikh Zayed, Minya, Alexandria, Tanta and Ismailia.

The deployment will enable the control and monitoring of electricity consumption through the application of smart billing techniques. The project will also provide long-term benefits, such as optimal application management, renewable energy integration, improved retail offerings, and multi-purpose billing services.

Leveraging its proven track record, certified professionals and in-depth integration capabilities, Giza Systems strives to contribute with its latest technologies and services to address the most pressing issues in the industry, from resource management and streamlining operations to bettering the consumption / production culture and reinforcing the industry infrastructure nation-wide.

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