Solis Wins Again! Solis Has Been Nationally Recognized For Its R&D And Innovation By The National Development And Reform Committee


Ginlong Technologies (Stock Code: 300763.SZ), a global leader in photovoltaic string inverter manufacturing, has been selected as a winner in the National Enterprise Technology Center by Division for Innovation and High-tech Development by the National Development and Reform Commission. It marks that Solis’ commitment to R&D and innovation has been highly recognized by both the industry and in nationally!


Driven by technology and innovation, Solis has moved to its 5 th generation platform.
15 years on since the company began, Solis has joined the National Torch Program in
China, awarded as a standard to companies in the PV manufacturing industry. Solis
has also received the title of “Green Factory”, won awards from the “Zhejiang
Enterprise Technology Center” and “Zhejiang Enterprise Research Institute”. Solis
attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation, continuously
strengthening its investment in technology R&D. Compared with the first three
quarters of 2019, the company’s R&D expenditure during the same period in 2020
increased by 118%. Solis established a market-oriented platform with other like-
minded companies, across a combination of fields such as production, education and
research. This formed an innovative, high-tech platform for greatness. Solis’
achievements are beyond our imagination and we will continue to strive for more
success and recognition.

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“We feel so honored to have this award. , Solis has always taken innovation and
development as its starting point , and continuously improved its ability to respond to
domestic and foreign market demands.” said Mr. Kun Zhang- Chief Product Manager
of Solis Global HQ. Solis products have been exported all over the world. It was rated
as the world’s top PV brand, and its single-phase string inverter shipments ranked top
two in the world (Source: Wood Mackenzie). Solis inverters have been installed in
some of the world’s largest and most iconic buildings; Shanghai World Expo,
Shanghai Volkswagen, Eiffel Tower, and Mexican military battalions. Going public in
March 2019 further marks the success of Solis. Closer to home the “shared-workers” stratgey during COVID-19 reported by CCTV, and cooperated with Sinopec, heralded
a brand-new green energy solution.


Mr. Yiming Wang, President of Solis, expressed that”Solis will actively carry out
partnerships with universities and institutions with the aid of the ‘National Enterprise
Technology Center’. At the same time, we will expand the team of technology talents,
strive to be a leader in PV industry and spare no effort to accelerate the development
of energy structure away from coal-based power generation to clean and low-carbon

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